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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Where 8850 Form Industries

Instructions and Help about Where 8850 Form Industries

Okay, so what did you write? So, I wrote, "I am horrified with the meat industry because it is the largest, most accepted form of violence on earth today." Is that true? Yes or no? That's a tough one for the ego, just yes or no. For the Turk? First two questions, it takes a lot of stillness to test. Is it the largest, most accepted form of violence in the world today? Is it true? No, because I don't know if that's true. So it's Dylan? Yes, for you. So if I would do the work on my own at home, I would say yes, good, and then I have my proof. Okay, so I'm getting you're still saying yes, right? Okay, right. Now, can you absolutely know that it's true that the meat industry is the most accepted form of violence in the world today? The largest? No. So that's that place for the open mind, right? After you test it, do you want to know this situation? I wrote this, yes, out of it. I got an email that showed a video of undercover footage in a slaughterhouse in Belgium. And so I'm sitting behind my computer and these kinds of situations have happened a lot. So I'm there and I'm just sort of, yeah, horrified and I get really angry. Yes, and it feels like proof. Yes, it does because you're seeing images. How do you react? What images of past and future happen when you believe this thought? Right, numbers go through my mind. So for example, I live in a very small country, Holland, and there was research that actually showed that in my country alone, we kill 1.7 million animals per day. Right, so what happens when I see that video? Yes, how...