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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Where 8850 Form Industries

Instructions and Help about Where 8850 Form Industries

Okay so what did you write so I wrote I am horrified with the meat industry because it is the largest most accepted form of violence on earth today it is the largest most accepted form of violent form of violence in the world today right is that true it's yes or no that's a tough one for the ego just yes or no for the Turk first two questions takes a lot of stillness to test it is the largest most accepted form of violence in the world today is it true no because I don't know if that's true so it's Dylan yes for you so if I would do the work on my own at home I would say yes good and then I have my proof okay so I'm getting you're stealing yes right okay right so now can you absolutely know that it's true that the meat industry is the most accepted form of violence in the world today the largest No so that's that place for the open mind right after you test it do you want to know this situation I wrote this yes out of it was I got an email that showed a video of undercover footage in a slaughterhouse in Belgium and so I'm sitting behind my computer and this have this these kind of situations I've happened a lot so I'm there and I'm just sort of yeah horrified and I get really angry yes and it feels like proof yes it does because you're seeing images how do you react what images of past future happened I see when you believe this thought right numbers go through my mind so for example I live in a very small country Holland and there was a research that actually showed that in my country alone we kill 1.7 million animals per day right so what happens when I see that video yes how do you react what happens when you think the thought it's the largest most accepted for my bias right I see all that all the animal and it was a horrible video I see all the animals that I don't see yes right in your mind's eye you see them from the past alive and then you see them in the factory right millions of them yeah so you see past future past future past future past future examples and then as you witness that you are furious yes now who would you be who would you be showering that night or having dinner or what who would you be find a situation like right here right now right okay right so who would you be without the thought the B dentistry is the largest most accepted form of violence in the world I'd be fine okay so now tell me you with the thought you see the images past future slaughter and then you feel furious without the thought you're not furious yes so what is the cause of your fury your anger the meat industry or what you're witnessing in your mind's eye definitely what I'm witnessing in my mind so that's not the meat industry that is you believing past future images in the moment so you see the images of the of the cattle in the slaughterhouse you see that is that real or is that imagination you can't have it both ways you can't not here now reality reality this is first generation reality and it is perfect and all your needs are met everything you need to be happy is right here now and all you have to do is notice but it's here now whether you notice or not other than what you're thinking and believing this is a beautiful world and that never changes no matter what it never changed no matter what it's a friendly universe you don't have to like it or believe it it just waits for you to wake up to it so you see the movie and then you feel the feelings yes so the meat industry is the largest most accepted form of violence in the world today how would you turn that around they'll see is sir see so you're suggesting to replace the meet interesting industry with fantasies yes or am I thinking right my old definitely my thinking is the largest most accepted form of violence in your world today not our world your world today and it just wipes people out it can wipe out your happy life that's why there are things in the world you can do little about and it doesn't stop you from trying to change it right but at least you know the cause of your suffering and you know that they're not causing it right and it's there are two ways of changing things one is out of a violence a fear and the other is it's just sane yeah it's just right sane I just don't expect people to hear you or to get it at the level you do right and it's definitely true that out of that angry movie I mean I get really I get really violent basically like and I've it has been my experience that experienced that that actually is not a productive state of mind to do anything about you know the meat industry it's like thank you to slaughter very every time you get lost in the dream right there are more productive things we can do then then believing our thoughts like we can do something about it in rather than just frightened ourselves once we're awake to what it is and then this worksheet as it's turned we'll show you how to deal with things like this so let's look at statement 2 I want the meat industry to stop being supported by the millions of people carelessly buying bodies of beings that led miserable lives so I want the meat industry.

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