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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Where 8850 Form Newsletter

Instructions and Help about Where 8850 Form Newsletter

Music what's up everybody what's up my name is Darrell and in this video you are going to learn everything there is to know about MailChimp and email marketing now MailChimp is a free service it's really easy to use so in this militant tutorial I will show you how to use MailChimp step-by-step so we'll be talking about all the options in MailChimp like campaigns in fact in this tutorial I will be sending a live campaign to my subscribers to sort of show you the process of how it works I'll be also giving you guys like cool tips like what's the best time to send campaigns what's the best day to send campaigns and also be talking about the different campaign types as well we'll also be talking about templates so instead of designing an email every single time which can be really tedious for your email plans I'll be showing you how you can create your own little templates and then send that over and over to your subscribers and let's just say you're not really good at designing it you know don't worry I'll give you guys a resource on how you can get some really amazing and beautiful templates for your email blasts next we'll be talking about the lists so what is a list this is basically where your subscribers are stored and let's say you're using a plug-in like sumo me or bloom for WordPress I'll show you how you can import subscribers from WordPress onto your MailChimp list as well now this is an example of an email I have sent to my subscribers and you guys can add you know your logo right here we can add in an image you can add in like a attachments you can put like a coupon code a link whatever you would like so here you guys can see that I decided that I wanted to give them a coupon code and then right here I put a link on where they can purchase my Divi theme layouts and we can also add in stuff like social shares and make it beautiful and also it's a really cool stuff and let's say someone decides to register for your for your email plan we can create autoresponders that we'll give them like a coupon code or a free ebook like you've been those fights where they're saying sign up for like a freak one code or ebook I'll show you today how you can accomplish that with MailChimp now let's just say you are using WordPress now right here you guys can see that I have this little widget right here and this is for MailChimp so here people can you know go over here and sign up to my to my list you know AOL I don't think people even use a well anymore it's so old you know but I do have some that you know they do use it so right here they'll get this little like form and then they will get a confirmation in their email where they can subscribe to your list now also I'll show you how you can incorporate and integrate Google Analytics onto your campaigns and what this does is it basically says how many people are actually visiting your website through those email campaigns so this can really help you out to determine if you need work or if you're doing well now also milchem has reports so right here you guys can see these three little bars now this right here is the industry average so this is the average of the industry and this right here is my open rates this right here is my click rates on to my campaigns and also give you guys tips like you know what to say what not to say because you don't want to come off this spam you know you don't really don't want to try to sell them something every single time you know you got to give away free stuff you know that's that's kind of how email marketing really works okay so let's go ahead and get started with this MailChimp tutorial alright guys so the first thing you have to do is create an account now the create account is free so go out and click on signup free now that might change in a few months but you know go ahead and kind like YouTube where the register is or something like that so here go ahead and enter in your email a username and a password now when you go to get started you might have to check your email to confirm your username and email now I've already created an account so I'm going to go ahead and login to this test account right here okay so this is your dashboard so once you're done creating an account and checking your email and you'll be brought to a page that looks something like this right here now the first thing we have to do is create a list now earlier I talked about lists so what a list does is basically stores your subscriber so on the right side right here you'll need to click on create a list alright so go ahead and give it a name so I'm going to put something like zero Wilson's discount now remember people will be able to see this so make sure it is appropriate so the from email address so this is address people will apply to reply to I want to put something like and I'll put my email right there okay now default from name so this is who your emails will come from use something they will instantly recognize like your company name so I'm going to put Darrell Wilson and remind people how they sign up to your list and you can buy something cool here like hey you know things rigid.

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