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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Where 8850 Form Via

Instructions and Help about Where 8850 Form Via

Oh man I just got locked out of my garage wait a minute never mind hey guys Danny Johnson here and today I'm going to show you something really cool that you can do on your garage door opener this is a lift master and if you look on it and see that symbol for Wi-Fi and the mic you then there's something you will be able to do and I'm going to show you how cool it is I'm going to show you how to set up the app here in just a minute but basically what happens is you set your own garage door openers is and right now as you can see I'm on the right-hand side and it shows that the garage door is open so it's a very useful tool to have to help you know if you left the garage door open and if you did once you're done with it yeah you can close it remotely or open it remotely in case you need to let somebody in now once you do be prepared to hear a beeping since it doesn't know if anybody's here or not and doesn't want to crush anybody okay so you'll want to get a stepladder come up to the back of your garage door opener here and that's where you're going to find a serial number with the my cue logo on it so you're going to open up the cover here and push the learn button then you're going to come over to your phone or your tablet or whatever you have and you're going to go into your settings to Wi-Fi and you're going to find the my cue selection right now go ahead and click on that it's now it's going to be looking for that and so once it's been selected you can minimize this and you're going to go to the setup website yeah I had to go into the other web browser since the Google Chrome wasn't allowing me to get past that firewall so anyway once you're at the lift master and that was set up my cue device comm press start and so now it's going to ask what your home Wi-Fi is and then your password to go ahead and enter that okay it says tap next and your Wi-Fi garage door opener will connect to your network garage door opener will sound a series of beeps during the process be within the listening range so when you hear one beep it's connecting to the router two beeps it's connecting to the internet three long beeps and means it's been selected so there was our one beep okay there we go so now it says congratulations your wife my garage opener is now connected and they gives you the serial number write down the my Q serial number you will need the serial number when adding the Wi-Fi garage door opener to my cue okay and it's also printed on a label on your Wi-Fi garage door opener so it's giving you the code now but it was also written right there on the top left corner and had a mic you deal with the the code there okay so now you go to the App Store and download the actual app for this so then you'll see it's installing might take a minute okay so once the app is downloaded you can open it and we're basically going to be putting in that code that we had so once to ask if you can have push notifications so you put yes you're gonna have to hit sign up down here and then just fill out all this information here and just keep going through the step-by-step then it wants you to know about if it can send your information and if you agree to the the terms I'm going to tell you that an email has been sent to you check your inbox to finish the registration okay so then you have to click when you open up that email click there to access this it'll tell you that the registration is complete okay so once you click that it basically just brings you back to the main setup sign in here so then now you can put in your email with your new password so next you'll just follow the prompts and we'll ask you to add a new device and it has to have your permission to access your data of course okay so you go ahead and hit add a new place and now it's going to ask you for that serial number that was on the back so when you added that code that was on the back of the garage door and make sure it's for the one that you're setting currently hit submit and then it wants you to name the place so you're gonna get your home name or what not and then name the new device so go ahead and do it whatever name you want so we're going to go ahead and give it your name and name the actual device and press save okay so now it's going to give you some information that it's been closed for 20 minutes and there's your garage door opener there we go okay okay so now if you when I have another one you just press the plus side and the location and we're going to do another garage door opener and so now we have to hit them the learn button for this side which we've done so let that be flashing hit next okay so once it finds it it wants you to name this side as well okay and there we go and so just remember when you go to close this is going to be beeping pretty loud because it wants to make sure that nobody's getting crushed and so when you pull up the.

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