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Your life work the sheetmetal worker may be employed in a large manufacturing plant like this department in an aircraft Factory factories produce sheet metal furniture advertising signs laundry equipment automobile bodies and many other sheet metal products usually on a quantity basis sheet metal workers are also employed in large and small job shops and by sheet metal contractors in some to the country entire buildings or various parts of them may be constructed of sheet metal other buildings are ornamented with metalwork to add to the beauty of the design steeples on many buildings are covered with metal and so are routes both of the flat and pitched types a large number of houses and other buildings have sheet metal gutters and downspouts which carry the rain from the roof the gutters may be either of the open half round type or the square box type by means of the sheet metal break and special forming attachments any desired shape and size can be developed the installation of gutters and down spotting on either new or old buildings is part of the sheet metal workers job skylights are used on a great number of office and industrial buildings these may be large and some have ventilators on them regardless of size nearly all metal skylights and ventilators must be especially designed each piece must be formed and fitted carefully so that the installed assembly will be exactly according to specifications and plans although for the most part furnaces are manufactured in factories their installation provides considerable business for the local sheet metal shop air conditioning and ventilating systems in stores factories and homes have greatly increased activity in the sheet metal field moved to these installations must be especially designed the sheet metal worker or contractor must plan the location of the pipes and ducts their size and shape and type of material and the volume of air to be carried full-size accurate patterns must be drafted the sheet metal is cut formed and joined and the various parts are assembled and installed many public trade schools have both day and night classes and sheetmetal work there also some reliable private trade schools offering such courses you will find instruction of this nature extremely valuable if you decide to become a sheetmetal worker you will learn first to use the simpler tools of the trade such as the hand shears or snips later you'll learn to operate hand and power machines for shearing and trimming metal the forming machine is one of the most useful in the shop or with it you'll be able to roll the cylindrical shape so essential in heating and ventilating installations using a different type of machine square pipe and square boxes and pans are formed the edges of the cylinder or the square pipe are grooved by hand or run through a grooving machine the edges have previously been bent on a bar folder or sheet metal break to form what are known as locks when pressure is applied to the locks they are closed into a tight fitting scene after a length of pipe or a cylinder is completed it may be crimped on the end with a crimping machine this is done as in the case of common stroke pipe to allow the end of one section of pipe to slip over the end of another section a bead is usually raised next to the crimped end to keep the two ends from slipping too far this may be done on the same machine or a special beading machine in making pails boilers and various vessels and containers this setting down machine is used the circular edge of the cylinder which formed the side of the container has first invert on a burning machine and the rim of the bottom or cover has been edged the corresponding edges are pressed closely together by the rolls of the setting down machine and then double seamed on another machine the setting down machine is generally used where a quantity of the same kind of work is to be turned out the forming machine may be used for forming conical and tapering works can tops funnels metal lampshades and various other articles there are many other sheet metal working machines in addition to the ones you have just seen they are all interesting to operate and essential to the sheet metal worker the sheet metal worker must be able to use measuring instruments such as the micrometer for in constructing the various articles made from sheet metal various dig is or thicknesses of narrower used he must be able to read allowance charts which tell him how much allowance must be made for the shrinkage of the heavier metals in the bending and rolling operations the expert sheet metal worker must also be able to read blueprints and detail and assembly drawings when he's required to make article simple in form a pattern can be made directly on the metal from given measurements if he is required to make more complicated articles it is highly important first to make a full-size drawing on paper using drawing instruments sometimes patterns drawn on metal and then cut out and used as templates in laying out succeeding sheets when a number of exact duplicates must be made you can see that a knowledge of geometry and other mathematics will be of great value many employers including the government require the third employees be at least high school graduates many airplane parts which are made of sheet metal are formed or stamped on large presses the enormous growth of the aircraft industry has led to the development of many automatic machines and methods among these are great pneumatic hammers which are used in shaping large sheets of metal usually aluminum although strictly speaking this type of work is machine operation it takes a definite amount of skill rivet holes are grilled with machines that are in

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