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Where 8850 Form Vocational: What You Should Know

Find a School Search a school's website to get information on its ROTC program. This is a good place to begin any search of a school. What to Know About the Tax-Free College Education Benefit Qualification for a tax-free college education benefit depends on what type of eligible activity the school does, and this information is available on the Department of Education's site. How Your Benefits May Change Employers often make changes to their benefit programs when a tax reduction is introduced. For example, a benefit is increased by 5,000 to eligible employees who enroll in summer school. Benefits may also be reduced for employees who take a leave of absence for school. When schools establish benefits and change their programs, this change affects current and future benefits, so it is important to check with your benefits professional. Also, as an employee is eligible to receive a benefit, you are more likely to get one, as the value of that program generally increases with the amount of federal tax you pay. What to Do First When you can, do your own research on each school before you enter into an internship or training program with them. Contact the school in question for information on its policies and benefits.

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