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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Where 8850 Form Workforce

Instructions and Help about Where 8850 Form Workforce

Okay welcome to this introduction to pseudo a-one-two-three-four ArcGIS my name is my LGBT I work as a product manager in ESRI and with me is Marika hello I work on the survey 23 in X to do development team in the Melbourne R&D office in Australia so we are very excited today to introduce this new product survey one two three we started working on this project in November 2022 yes yeah and it was released actually - just two days ago right we actually went through a very very active beta program in fact last I counted which was yesterday we had over 2,000 ArcGIS online organizations participating in the beta program so while it is the first release I can tell you people have been using this for a while in the field to capture data and we are very proud of all the feedback that people got to us to finally release the product survey 1 2 3 is a form centric data collection solution in ArcGIS a form or a questionnaire or a survey is just a list of questions typically questions in paper that you complete forms and questionnaires are used across many different industries to capture data in the field how many of you have people today filling out forms in your organization's can you raise your hand I mean it's actually the most common way to capture information including in the field industry for many years we actually have neglected form data collection workflows because we have tended leaned towards using map centric workflows which are fantastic and they have a great use case that what about forms can I capture data with forms and put this information in ArcGIS so I can exploit the geographic aspect of them forums in fact are not just used in the back office but also in the field to capture data to do inspections assessments for coding for enforcement to do asset inventory or even to do interviews to people now in every one of these in on in a damage assessment in an interview you can capture Geographic questions as well where do you live where is the building that I am assessing and all of that information we want to bring into our GIS survey 1 2 3 is really about transforming these paper forms into forms smart forms that run on mobile devices so people can capture data with them very easily so I'm going to give you a quick tour of a survey 1 2 3 so the first thing I'm going to do is I'm going to go into the survey 1 2 3 . ArcGIS comm website this is where you come when you want to start using the software so every 1 to 3 is not just a mobile application is a complete solution for you to create your own forms actually a smart forms and we will talk about what the smart forms mean in a minute survey 1 2 3 lets you capture information in the field with these smart forms that you published into our GIS and finally it also lets you use the information captured exploit the geographic aspect so you can make the best decisions and we tried to make sure that these three steps creating the forms and publishing using them in the field and understanding the data where could be done by anyone without much of our GIS skill at all we want a doctor to really create a forum publish it capture data and then look at the data and we don't want this doctor to be an ArcGIS Pro expert right so the way this works is very simple I'm going to sign in and here you will use your own art GIS online credentials okay if you don't have ArcGIS online credentials you can always try a free trial ArcGIS subscription and you sign in when you sign in we get you into the survey one two three website okay in here you have a gallery and this gallery represents all of the surveys that you have published so far now let's create a survey from a scratch okay so I'm going to go into create new survey and you see that we have two options you can create your survey on the web or you can use a tool called survey one-two-three Connect we are going to see them both let's start on the web so first of all I'm going to give it a name to my survey so say we are doing some sort of asset inspection okay so that's the name of my survey I'll get a summary done as well asset inspection sample survey for the UC 2022 I'm going to associate a thumbnail a representative image with my survey and I'm going to create my survey this process of creating the smart forms mechanically you are going to see is very simple but it actually to create good forms it takes time collaboration between people figuring out what are the exact questions that you want to make in the field you want to follow a process where you get your form to people in the field you get some data and you figure all I need to change a few questions I'm going to try again okay we will see the mechanics but I'm just pointing out that there is really an art on figuring out how to put the questions in the right order and ask the right questions anyways let's start building the form this is an asset inspection so I'm going to start with a single line text type of question which I'm going to label with the asset ID and I'm going to make this question acquired because I don't want anyone in the field to send a an asset inspection without referring to the specific asset ID next I'm going to add a single choice question.

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