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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Which 8850 Form Coordinator

Instructions and Help about Which 8850 Form Coordinator

I'm really excited to finally share this video with you it took me quite a while to get everything right but I think you're going to be very happy with the end result so you may be confused seeing a one-hour video with the title simplified in it don't be just to set your expectations clearly this video has a lot of substance in it it's not one of those cooking under three minutes videos I'm going to cover pretty much all the aspects of project management be it project life cycle process groups knowledge areas work breakdown structure scheduling cost so it's basically a 10-hour course condensed into one so my mission with this mini course is to make project management very easy to understand for you because essentially project management is fun but more importantly it's very easy it's not a professional in its own it's not like accounting or auditing or even consulting project management is a complimentary discipline that helps you run your project very easily as simple as that and the best part is pretty much all professionals and a bit an accountant or a chemist can benefit from it so who is this video for this video is for you if you want to learn how to manage your projects that's work so it's applicable to every single professional I can think of I mean I've never seen any professional in my 10 year management consulting career who hasn't run a project it just so happens that sometimes they don't know they were managing projects right but they were projects indeed so if you're looking for a simple enough framework to understand project management and implemented at work then you're on the right place by the end of this video I'm confident that you'll be able to add project management as a skill in your resume also this video is for you if you are preparing for your PMP exam or cap an exam once you finish this mini course the pin book guide will be a lot easier to understand see the pin bug guide is over 500 pages long it's a very very long and quite boring program essay so obviously I can't share everything in this short video that exists in pingback right but if you watch this video without skipping the pin bug guide project management body of knowledge we'll be so easy to follow for you because it's all about understanding the fundamentals everything else just becomes very easy to follow see when I took my PMP exam I think around six years ago now or five years ago I almost aced it I scored one of the highest points at that time and the only reason why I scored so high was not because I spent hundreds of hours studying on the contrary I just understood the fundamentals and once you understand the building blocks as I said earlier everything else becomes so easy to follow so I suggest you watch the entire video without skipping but if you're interested in learning just certain elements only then you can look at the description box for the index of the video good so let's get started Music then what is even a project it definitely has a sexy tone to it right project I wonder how it sounds in French cause they're so here's the definition project is a temporary end over to create a unique solution yeah but that's operations no no the difference between a project and operations is fairly simple a project ends so it's temporary you implement your project you close it you create a unique product or service or whatever the outcome you want it then you're done what is in operations it's an ongoing effort it's repetitive so you may have also heard about the terms program and portfolio let me just quickly explain them here as well program is multiple projects put together combined and portfolio is similarly multiple programs put together so it's basically project our program and then portfolio now before I go further and dive deep you need to understand something very crucial to run any project you need two methodologies the first one is a project lifecycle and the second one is project management process most people confuse these two okay and if these are not clear you can kiss that PMP certification goodbye it's absolutely amazing how many content creators in YouTube or elsewhere confuse these two they are not interchangeable you cannot afford to confuse a project lifecycle with a project management process but don't worry I'm going to make it very very simple for you so let's start with project lifecycle project lifecycle is unique to a project to industry tool needs it's highly customizable think of it like this a human development is a project isn't it so your life cycle is are conceiving birth childhood then teenagehood teenagehood is that overworked teen aging whatever so adulthood and then death very easy stuff right so now if it was IT project I'm not a 90 but it would probably look something like this it will be high level design high level designs and detailed design and then coding and testing installation and then finally probably turnover if it was done for a client so this is project life-cycle and here's probably where the confusion comes from the term cycle that's what's confusing because after you die you don't get to be conceived again and be born again I think but who knows so or once you hand over the product to the client you don't get to be you know designing that again so it's not actually a cycle it's just a confusing term menus it's sequential it's a sequential steps of various phases of the project and these phases I'm going to repeat it again are you each to your own project and your needs so you create your own cycle so.

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