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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Which 8850 Form Incentives

Instructions and Help about Which 8850 Form Incentives

Okay so I want to slip on a new topic today and to get us started I thought we'd play a game so the game is going to be called cash and a hat and we'll see it what this game is like in a minute so the idea is this doesn t two players I'm going to pick on two of you I hope I hope I can find people who brought some money to class all right so player one will have a choice player one can put nothing $1 or three dollars into a hat the Hat will then be given to player two and player two can look at what's in the Hat and either she can match what's in the Hat ie add the same amount in so one if it's one or three of its three or she can simply take the cash all right the payoffs this game will be as follows player one if they put nothing in they're not going to get the thing if they put one in and it's matched then they double their money so they get two back if they put three in and it's matched then they double their money so they get six back up from that they'll net three however if they put one in and player 2 takes it they've just lost their dollar and if they put $3 in and player 2 takes it they've lost three dollars higher Ron's ever understand that pretty simple from player 2's point of view if player two matches then they get them their investment back plus a dollar fifty if they match one so they get 250 back at all and they get their investment back plus two dollars if they match three so that's if they get five back in all and of course if they certainly take the money out of the Hat and put it in their pocket then that's what they get in the game all right once again if player two matches with one dollar it was $1.00 Hatton and she matches then she gets back 250 for a profit of 150 if there's three dollars and she matches three she gets back five for a profit of two and if she simply takes the money out of her out of the Hat and put it in her pocket then she gets how much money was in the Hat all right so I hear we'll be the provider of the hat will use the same hat we use before and if necessary I provide sheets of paper we can write io u--'s on but I'm hoping we can play for real cash later on we could nice to get a chair here but for now let me just go down here and I'm going to grab this mic who here wants to be player one who brought some money to class today I'm quite willing to pick on somebody all right good good good so player one is what's your name again Justin Justin to hold on to that hat for a second all right and who wants to be player - all right - this gentleman here whose name is neat Nate all right we have Justin and Nate's alright so Justin you have to decide how much money you're going to put in the Hat do you bring some money to need better make sure you have always Boris on from your neighbors all right all right so the money money has been put in the Hat and delivered to Nate which I'm going to put in the buck - it's very good all right so if we empty out the Hat here's our beautiful pink Alex really had the Hat passed across the room rather than have me do it but we have two dollars in the Hat so I'm going to pay each I'm going to pay what am I going to pay I'm going to pay player one at two dollars I'm gonna give back the original dollar and give them two in a second and I'm going to play player two a dollar fifty you just hold the Hat they'll do that - two dollars and fifty yes well you bet you like you got your money back trying to cheat us alright so player I'll get you the rest of the second hang on a second right let's look for now let's you double the money alright alright alright is it one reason to take this class is you play well you get money all right now let's just pray again alright so we had one round of this it's have another round who wants to be player one now alright so katie is bio1 alright did you bring some money yeah sure alright and who wants to be player - so further away it's have Stephen isn't that right so Stephens going to be player suit you bring some cash I think so alright alright otherwise borrow it from your neighbors I can't io u--'s here so here's the house are you got coins ah ah alright alright put your okay great so to pass the Hat past that now we'll see if it makes it there just the honesty of the class it working its way down I'm after we go here we go all the way down to Stephen okay check how much is in there this dollar sir you can decide whether to match or not alright so Stephens going to match as well alright once again we have this time rather annoyingly a dollar and some coins in here which I will empty on the stage to prove it everybody all right and I won all right Quentin here so I'll match isn't a second and give it back to you guys right over understand the game I never understand how this game worked so we're gonna.

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