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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Which 8850 Form Incentives

Instructions and Help about Which 8850 Form Incentives

Okay so I want to slip on a new topic today and to get us started I thought we'd play a game so the game is going to be called cash and a hat and we'll see it what this game is like in a minute so the idea is this doesn t two players I'm going to pick on two of you I hope I hope I can find people who brought some money to class all right so player one will have a choice player one can put nothing $1 or three dollars into a hat the Hat will then be given to player two and player two can look at what's in the Hat and either she can match what's in the Hat ie add the same amount in so one if it's one or three of its three or she can simply take the cash all right the payoffs this game will be as follows player one if they put nothing in they're not going to get the thing if they put one in and it's matched then they double their money so they get two back if they put three in and it's matched then they double their money so they get six back up from that they'll net three however if they put one in and player 2 takes it they've just lost their dollar and if they put $3 in and player 2 takes it they've lost three dollars higher Ron's ever understand that pretty simple from player 2's point of view if player two matches then they get them their investment back plus a dollar fifty if they match one so they get 250 back at all and they get their investment back plus two dollars if they match three so that's...