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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Which 8850 Form Locator

Instructions and Help about Which 8850 Form Locator

Where's my penguins Music hello it's Roger Bisbee from skill-builder here I'm back with an amendment to the impact driver test what another one no surely not another one Oh No you'll only get that if you British it refers to elections but anyway I'm back here with the impact drivers I didn't want to do this but we had a talk at the school billet HQ and we decided that because of some of the comments that we got on the previous video and although we got a fantastic response and I thank everybody for that the majority of people loved it we've got the highest ever numbers for it and lots of likes but we did have this constant little grumble if you like that maybe we weren't absolutely fair now we're not set out to do damage to anybody but we also don't set out to do favours to anybody if it's all wins it wins if it doesn't win then that's not our problem we just do the very best that we can but we have to be sure that what we're doing is fair and is the best and that's why we need your help in a way these things are almost impossible to do how do you get consistent material to drive it into well we thought that piece of oak was good actually it did produce a little bit of variation along the way so we tried those tools three times in that oak you could see that from the number of times we've driven them in and then we try to even out the results and give you our findings now I don't think anything's changed particularly but what people said is why don't you try them conquer it try some tapcon screws in concrete and see if you get a better result so in fairness we decided to do that we decided to run a few more tests and even though some more in the elk by putting the best and the worst next to each other if you like in the same case of Oaks so that we could try and even out any discrepancies and the conquer it proved to be no test at all I'm gonna put some three feet Emmet's in there I tried to do something you know which would challenge these tools in the wire tap corns but actually all of them seem to do pretty well in it so we're kind of back to square one if you've got a better idea if you've got an idea of how you think we should test these tools or any tools we're happy to listen to it that's what we're trying to do we're trying to create a two-way thing it's not about us dictating to you it's about us trying to help you by gathering these tools together putting them through a few tests and giving you an impartial honest opinion so here it is the test is back up we've just ironed out those problems as we thought they were we've run the time tests again we've reviews that bit of oak we've varied it this time we put the best in the worst and the worst and the best and actually I can't say that there's a huge amount of difference these tools are still the ones that performed the best out of all of them and there should be a Milwaukee here somewhere was the Milwaukee gun there's the Milwaukee so those are the best performers in our tests there's no doubt about it and you can see that from what we've done and I hope that if you happen to have one of the other brands and you're feeling a bit miffed I hope you can see that we've done our very very best to be fair on this test and that these tools have stood up to multiple tests in other words we've tried them in different materials now there's always gonna be that little variation so as I said before it's not compelling it doesn't mean that you've got to go and abandon your favorite tool the battery the battery platform that you're using to go somewhere else but you can see that these tools are performing convincingly and surprisingly the fluid drives doing very very well indeed but for out now grunt you've got to give it to these two you would expect that one to win with its 400 Newton meters but this baby proved to be assured there wasn't much that it couldn't handle quite honestly so there you have it there's our test I'm sorry I pulled it back and I'm sorry if you've already seen it and you've watched it again but I thought I'd better clarify those points and thanks everyone to making those comments keep making them because we love the comments and if we have to respond to the comments if we have to amend the test because we've neglected something or you've seen something that we haven't then we're happy to do it and thanks to the viewers who actually spotted that we'd actually put the wrong picture up when we did one of a speed test but it's nice to get everything right and I hope those people that works satisfied will become satisfied like Abraham Lincoln said you can't please all the people all of the time I'm not too crispy watch the video we've been testing these impact drivers over the weeks one by one individually running them through their paces getting your comments getting your likes or dislikes and now we're going to put them all up against each other now before you cry foul and we do get this we get comments from people saying you're not testing apples with apples well why would we we want to find out which one of these impact drivers is most suitable for you now we have.

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