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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Which 8850 Form Newsletter

Instructions and Help about Which 8850 Form Newsletter

Hey everybody its Josh here in this tutorial I'm going to show you guys how to create a sleek little MailChimp email signup section for your Divi website what we're gonna do is we're gonna create essentially what I have on the front page of my site where the person has the ability to put the name email and click the submit button to get automatically added to my email list now a couple things I want to point out before we dive in I use MailChimp and that's what this tutorial is gonna be based off of but the same coding that we create in the same methods and practices we have you could probably use for me constant contact or something similar and then lastly before we dive in I do want to point out that elegant themes has a plug-in called bloom which is another really good way to capture emails you can do pop-ups and things like that but what we're gonna do in this tutorial is I'm going to show you what I use which is a free plugin for MailChimp and WordPress and it's just called MailChimp for WordPress it's what I've used for years it's highly highly rated it's great very user friendly you can customize it and it's very reliable so this is what we're gonna use now let's go ahead and dive right in so what I'm gonna do is in my test site here I've got a section right here where I'm saying hey join the cool Club and we want to put a sign up section right under this very similar to my site where we have name email signup so what you want to do first is you want to go ahead and download this plug-in it is free and I'll make sure you have the link to this so you want to download that and then once you have that activated or upload a near site you're gonna want to go ahead and activate it and when you do once you activate it you'll see automatically on your left toolbar it's gonna pop up and it's going to say MailChimp for WP you're gonna go ahead and click that and the first thing that you're going to do is you're going to want to integrate your API key so if you're not familiar with where to get that you can just click the API key you need to have a MailChimp account you need to be logged in and once you do you'll be able to go into extras API keys and it'll give you a key that you can put in right here so once you have your API key it's time to build the form so we're gonna go ahead and click into form and right now I don't have anything in here I think by default it has some fields in there but I'm gonna recommend you just wipe that clean and I'm going to show you how to build this and you can even take this code and just paste it in here and I'll show you exactly how or to do this so we're gonna start out by adding a first name for the field label we actually want to take the labels completely off because the labels are gonna add like you know first name on top or beside this an email address right here so we actually don't want any labels at all so we're gonna take that out placeholder is what's going to be in that field so we're gonna say just name we don't need to put anything in the value and we do want to make this a required field and we don't want to wrap this in any extra paragraph tags or any extra HTML code so we're gonna go ahead and add to form and you can see there we've got our first little field so that's looking good now we want to go ahead and add an email address again we don't want the field label we're gonna go ahead and put email in the placeholder that's obviously required because it needs an email and we don't want to wrap that in paragraph tags and then finally let's add another space and we want to add a submit button instead of subscribe let's say get the goods or something like that and we don't want to wrap that in tags and there we go so we've got our form bill and I'm gonna walk you through what all these little things mean and more importantly how to style this so let's go ahead and save changes and you're gonna notice that once this is saved at the bottom here says use this shortcode this shortcode is where we're going to put this in the site so if I back out to my front page we want to put this shortcode right here so we're gonna go ahead and use the visual builder let's scroll down and I'm using a text module right here what you could use what we're gonna do is we're gonna duplicate this just so I can give this module its own spacing and everything so you can see right here that text I'm just going to replace this I'm gonna make sure this is in the text view and not the visual you could also use the code module for this but for this example we're just gonna stick with that we're gonna save that and now once that's saved let's go ahead and back out okay and you can see that indeed there is the contact form it doesn't look great right now but that's where we're gonna add some fun CSS styling and we're gonna really bring this thing to life so what I'm gonna do is I'm going to bounce over here to my stylesheet and a lot of you have asked for a tutorial on.

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