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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Which 8850 Form Periods

Instructions and Help about Which 8850 Form Periods

Have you ever felt like you're a cause we're being scooped out like ice cream it's like sticking a butter knife and the like glass and a buzz ketchup bottle that sounds a little Seuss gross actually the parent hi I'm Lauren van Opel a science reporter at fatherly and I have menstruated approximately 267 times so I'm sure you've dealt with your fair share of shark weeks but for your Confused friend over there here's how it works over around a 28-day period known as the menstrual cycle a woman's body will create a soft lining in the uterus to carry a fertilized egg but if the egg isn't fertilized the lining is no longer necessary so the uterus sheds the lining and it leaves the body the room of the vagina and that's it that's menstruation it's pretty much just reflect the pillows so uterus can support another life puberty is a time when your daughter is gonna go through many changes she'll start growing hair in places she didn't have hair before it she'll get a bunch of acne and develop the delightful habit of slamming doors and screaming that nobody understands her but to top it all off she's gonna get her first period this is gonna happen somewhere around the age of 8 to 13 but everyone's body is a little different so it's important for your kitchen know that there's really nothing wrong with going through this edit just in time than their peers your daughter is going to be more vulnerable to bacterial infections during your period so hygiene is key hygiene is also important because it will help your daughter not feel so fucking kicked out by her body every three to five days every month for the next 35 years of her life so whenever I see a man in the feminine hygiene aisle at my local drugstore I thank him for his service if it's your first time don't freak out definitely don't panic and buy everything in the store there are a lot of options out there we got pads panty liners tampons cups period underwear sponges but let's keep it simple pads and tampons pads these are absorbent surfaces that stick on the inside of her underwear they're easy safe and probably the best thing to get your daughter started on all you do is unwrap it remove the sticky adhesive and you're good to go hi I'm patty Patterson here to teach you about your kids first period for bonus points get the ones with wings they help prevent leaks and keep the pad in place because periods can have like days and heavy days pads also come with a variety of absorbency levels getting your variety of sizes will ensure that your daughter will just have enough options for comfort and thickness and then eventually she'll just learn what works best for her particularly Flo dear bugs they're like pads but they go inside the vagina to absorb menstrual fluids and like pads they also come in a variety of absorbency levels but they also come with applicators that help put them in these can be made from cardboard plastic and some tampons don't have any applicators at all again this really comes back down to personal preference tampons are more discreet they feel less like a diaper and they're more freeing for physical activities but it's important for her to change her tampon every four to eight hours and never sleep with a tampon in many of these products have scented versions but fragrances can increase the risk of irritation and even a action but I mean much of this like absorbency levels is a matter of preference and your daughter is gonna figure that out along the way but getting a variety of unscented pads and exploring from there is a good place to start now let me tell you about premenstrual syndrome contrary to your buddy's beliefs is not a myth just ask my colleagues PMS is a combination of symptoms including swollen breasts headaches mood swings and you guessed it cray cramps feel like the pain of diarrhea with none of the relief of things squeezing out the end of a tube of blood toothpaste it's like getting kicked in the balls so hard that your stomach hurts for a fucking week these menstrual cramps can start before or during your daughter's period and can vary in severity for everyone if she asks cramps are caused by her uterus contracting to help expel the old lining and also by life being a nightmare pain relievers like acetaminophen ibuprofen or simply applying heat to her lower back and stomach can help relieve this pain but so can chocolate still keeping up lightning round get a garbage with the lid for your bathroom don't flush these products down the toilet use a wrapper or some toilet paper for sanitary disposal buy extra underwear there's a learning curve talk to her about menstruation before it happens no one wants to wake up to a crime scene without any explanation yes she can swim with a tampon no it's not gonna get stuck up there and no bears are not attracted to the scent of menstrual blood I mean come on lastly it's important to teach your daughter how to track her period this is just gonna make her feel more comfortable and prepared about the entire process and there are a ton of apps out there that make this really easy my personal favorite app is just looking at the last time I used the Domino's Pizza Tracker in the end she's still your daughter and you don't want to be more scared of anything than she is in a period that's just a normal part of life all you have to do is make her as comfortable as you possibly can about the uncomfortable process that is growing up as long as you're.

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