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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Which 8850 Form Quarterly

Instructions and Help about Which 8850 Form Quarterly

All right it's 2290 time time to sit down and pay the government those highway use taxes for every heavy vehicle that you happen to own I just thought I'd look through the IRS website here kind of walked through the process of filing this so here I am at the IRS site for filing the form 2290 from this site you can click on the link here that says review the list of participating commercial software providers so here we can see everybody who's technically signed up that's able to e-file the form 2290 as you can see this is uh this is a pretty big list right here but be wary folks because just because they're listed here on the IRS site does not mean they've really gone through a rigorous test as far as whether they can or cannot be trusted with your tax information so what I'd like to do is just kind of go through each one of these and do a quick review of these different providers here at the top of the list we got 2290 ASAP let's take a quick look at these guys your site is loading kind of slowly and I'm not surprised this website looks like it jumps straight out of the 80s this is not the best thing in the world good Lord their fees are out of this world $32 is their starting point okay okay well that's interesting let's do a little more research and see where these people are 20 to 90 a.m. Albuquerque New Mexico let's see where this is Carlisle Boulevard I'm confused are they in this like strip mall here next to the Chinese restaurant and a massage place I'm not sure maybe it's this building I don't know nonetheless that website was enough to scare me away form 20 to 90 calm who are you you got a good domain that's for sure okay a relatively simple site here let's see what else we got for our free services what's the pricing mmm still a little high for this $19.99 let's take a look at where you are for 20 to 90 calm okay what do we have here California folks what we have here is a residential neighborhood this is not an actual business this is somebody doing taxes in their living room it's ridiculous not exactly expiring confidence form 2290 calm I don't want my taxes done in somebody's house thanks very much who's next we have Express truck tax Rock Hill South Carolina let's look at their website okay okay pretty clean I see some good some connections they have here so obviously some folks in the industry trust them so that's good okay competitive pricing they're starting at nine dollars and ninety cents not gonna break the bank filing this thing pretty good I like this they have actual people look at that and it's not like one person and their kids filing from their living rooms and that's good okay where are you where is this place Rock Hill South Carolina let's look at this okay we've got a little Main Street here um looks like this - OH - here yeah okay this is 202 East Main so they actually have a building here a business on on a Main Street and a little looks like a small town here somewhere okay all right one that checks out I checked out Express truck tax who's next picks and spades LLC kind of a weird name picks and spades gardening okay and your site is down Thanks that's fantastic just out of curiosity let's see where you are I have a feeling I know where this is going I think it's gonna be another yeah folks this is a residential street this is not a business this is not a business district this is not someone's tax office this is a personal residence again folks just cuz they're listed here in the IRS site does not mean they are passed some super big test to prove that they can do this up next we have Sachs tax I don't know if they're taxing saxophones or what but okay now it takes it to a sign that says profit developers Inc I'm not sure what that is okay this looks more like like an actual like accountants website like I said very dated but the thing that worries me here is they just have a P o box they don't give an actual address so it's almost for sure that this is run out of somebody's house because they're not giving an actual business address because they don't want you to see where they're located they're too embarrassed to show you whose next 20 to 90 tax calm let's look at these folks okay looks like these people have a suite in this business here sweet a hundred gee I don't know I guess they take up like one little room in this place maybe if that I don't know they could it could just be a post-office box you know they could just be using this business for the the address okay the ad they website here okay I don't think this one's changed in a long time this looks this looks pretty standard again they're just choking these owner-operators to death with this $29.99 $29.99 that's alive I don't want to pay any more than ten bucks for that if it's one truck at least who's next easy 2290 calm how easy is it are you okay looks like it's probably kind of easy to put this site together okay okay very basic site very low pricing where are you located easy twenty-two ninety eighty two eighty sweet six hundred Fairfax okay so this looks like it's one of those corporate parks that they have they have some kind of office in this building here okay so there's there is an actual building sweet.

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