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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Which 8850 Form Recipient

Instructions and Help about Which 8850 Form Recipient

Music Haidee one from WP learning lab in this tutorial I'm going to show you how to add hidden fields with dynamic data to your contact form seven fields now this is done without the use of jQuery or JavaScript so there's no coding involved adjustable short codes it's really easy but there are limitations you're limited to about 10 or 11 different types of dynamic data you can input you can input your own custom data very easily and you can only edit a tattoo hidden fields so you couldn't populate a visible field with dynamic data in your form using this method much more flexible is using javascript and jQuery to do it and you can put dynamic data into any field lots of hidden fields but this method works pretty well and it might do exactly what you need in a very easy to execute way so let's go ahead and add some fields that have the Namek data so first I'm going to just load the basic form we'll working with so it's just a very basic form and this is it right here and if we go to our what we're going to add the plugin so if you go to plugins and add new we're going to look up contact form 7 modules and when this plug-in is installed it actually installs to plugins I've never seen that before but installs to plugins instead of this one and it was tested last up to 2 years ago or last update 2 years ago but it works fine on the newest version of WordPress so I have no problems with it and hopefully you don't either but what it adds is this hidden fields' plug-in and also the send all fields plugin which is also a cool feature in a different video about that this video is hidden fields' with dynamic data so if we go to our contact form editor the plug-in is installed and we go to edit our basic contact form we have a new button right here and it's labeled hidden so if we make some space trip we'll submit button and we click on hidden we're able to do the for this stuff we do on regular text fields we can add a name add a value but we can also add dynamic data which is shown down here and if we go to the plugins website by clicking this link up here there is actually or I guess the plugins page on wordpress.org it gives you more dynamic data you can input so these are the ones we have in the actual editor that you can see here actually we don't have that last one so we have these one but if the user is logged in so if you have login functionality on your site you can actually pull user name user ID user email and all this stuff into your contacts field if you have custom fields associated with that user or any user you can pull this extra information in so you can put a lot get a lot of information this is especially valuable for membership sites where this information could be very useful so if they have some kind of support ticket they're sending you you could then get their instant messenger or jabber or whatever other social media network links you allow users to create you can put that right into the forum and easily contact so what we're going to do is we're just going to try inputting some of the basic ones so I'm going to put in post category as the value and that's going to pull the category of the post now this is very useful if you have contact forms throughout your site if you just have a Contact Us page and that's the only place where you have a contact form this isn't very useful but if you have a contact form in the footer of every page on your site then this becomes very very useful so I'm going to change the name to the name of the field to post category this was easier to read in the actual editor and I'm going to click on insert tag and we're just going to do another one really quickly I'm going to call it post post author that one post op their copy the shortcode Simitis wrote click on insert tag and then click on save and now what we have we're going to refresh this form we actually only saw a little extra gap up here but there's no nothing visibly changed in the form but if we inspect this area right here we can see we have a hidden input name of post category and the value is nothing because this is not a post is actually on a page very clever and we have another hidden field called post author with the value of WP PhD which is the author of that post and so that's how we can add hidden fields with dynamic data if you want to add dynamic data to say the name field you have to do that using JavaScript or jQuery there's other ways to do it as well but those are probably the easiest but if you're happy with the options they give you these ones right here listed on this page we're happy with these options and you're okay with it being in the hidden field this can be very valuable for you so I hope this video helps you my name is beyond all paths from wot lab please make sure you like this video subscribe to the YouTube channel share on social media and check out WWE him.

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