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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Which 8850 Form Recipients

Instructions and Help about Which 8850 Form Recipients

Smartsheet forms are simple to build customize and share so you can collect accurate consistent data and then take action on it whether you need to manage event registrations gather customer feedback or quickly share updates on the go forms are a simple way to gather the information you need from anyone including external customers and partners let's look at an example of adding a form to a sheet we've created to track an event registration well get started by clicking the forms button on the toolbar then select create new form by default the sheet name is used as the forms title and the sheets existing columns can be used as fields in the form form fields are each labeled with the column name by default but can be modified with a custom label will also include help text column types from the sheet determine each fields properties and display options email is a contact list column so we'll ask for the registrants email address and make this field required so we can follow up with anyone who sends in a registration day of arrival is a drop down list column this gives us the option to display days of the week in a drop-down list or as radio buttons arrival date is a date column so the field includes a date picker most of the registrants for our event are coming individually so we'll make one the default option for party size questions and feedback is a text column feedback can get long so we'll change the height of the field to accommodate several lines of text we'd also like to provide the option to include additional documents so we'll add a file upload field to our form this includes the ability to take photos on a mobile device with all the fields we want included in our form let's change a few things to make it easier to fill out don't worry about making changes to your form moving fields in your form won't affect the order of the column in your sheet and deleting fields will not delete the column from your sheet for example VIP is a symbol column that is part of an internal process so we don't need it to display in the form use form options to display a custom message and send a confirmation email to the submitter before we make this form available we'll add some additional columns to our sheet to help track and manage the requests will use a system column to automatically capture the created date of each submission so we can track registration dates will also add a column for confirmed registration and one for owner so we can track the ownership and progress of the requests next we'll create an automatic notification to get an update as soon as new entries are added to the sheet so we can review and respond to requests promptly we can then share the form by adding a URL to a web page embedding the form or emailing a link and that's how to use forms to quickly and easily collect and act on information.

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