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Fifteen 2015 the Supreme Court passed its obergefell versus Hodges decision with a one-vote margin striking down all the laws establishing marriages exclusively between a man and a woman in a dissenting opinion commenting on that decision Justice Antonin Scalia wrote that the court's decision was quote a threat to American democracy the obergefell ruling Scalia continued says that my ruler again a direct quote and the ruler of 320 million Americans coast-to-coast is a majority of the nine lawyers on the Supreme Court four of whom he later remarked lived in New York City as Justice Scalia indicated the obergefell decision was part of a concerted attack on both the moral order and representative government in the United States in general and the state of Indiana in particular these two issues morality and democracy are intimately are intimately related because as John Adams one of America's founding fathers said we have no Constitution that functions in the absence of immoral people in order to destroy the American form of government the cultural revolutionaries had to first undermine America's understanding of morality because only morality guarantees the freedom necessary for self-government unlike Aristotle who argued that men were slaves FUS AE which is to say by nature st. Agustin took a radically moral view of the issue man was free as long as he was moral which is to say acting according to the dictates of practical reason it is clear he wrote in the City of God that sin is the primary cause of servitude that means he continued in another passage from the same book that a good man though a slave is free but a wicked man though a king is a slave for he serves not one man alone but is what is worse as many mass as he has vices this I said in another context is the foundation of the regime that we now live under which is the opposite of the Christian culture that groups created when during the thousand-year reign after the fall of Rome the Christian says if you want to be free be moral the anti-christian government of Antichrist that begins you you can name it maybe with the French Revolution but we have various categories takes that and turns it upside down turns to his head which is basically if you want to maintain political control promote vice and that's the story of our culture right now America rules the way Satan rules that's why the Iranians call it the Great Satan it rules by morally corruption by moral corruption and it spreads us moral corruption throughout the entire world under the pretext of spreading our concern about human rights and so when Obama goes to Kenya what does he talk about he lectures those people on human rights which means the right to sodomy or the right to abortion man is a rational creature okay which means he has to follow the dictates of practical reason so there can be no right to something that is morally wrong that's impossible and this is the sleight of hand that is now being used to deprive us of our government our representative government and I say this because I watched it happen firsthand in the state of Indiana I don't know those of you who are not as fortunate I am living in the state of Indiana may not have noticed that during March of this year our state was vilified by the entire nation because it had passed something called the Religious Freedom Restoration Act the the the citizens of the the government legislature had passed this law this law stated simply that people should not be coerced into participating in gay weddings if they if it violated their conscience this outraged a particularly influential group of people in the United States it also the governor of Indiana by the name of Mike Pence is a Republican he was totally befuddled he did not understand the way warfare is conducted in our age as I said before it's not guys in red uniforms firing kindness at guys at blue uniforms anymore it's going to be about human rights or homosexual discrimination and so when Mike Pence went on Meet the Press he looked like a deer caught in the headlights he's a Republican and the reason he was so befuddled is because the revolutionaries in this instance were a cabal of three different groups of people the CEOs Republicans are supposed to be representing our they doing this the homosexuals and the Jews what do these three groups have in common they're all minorities the state with a 1% on wall street became famous homosexuals are between 1 and 2% and the accurate indication and Jews are always a minority in any culture where they live what do they have in common they have enormous political and media and financial power and so what is their main problem how do you get to impose your views on everyone else when the official explanation is that we live in a democracy how do you do this well you do this by the the by talking about human rights and by talking about the morality of human rights the net result is tyranny in an article which appeared in first things a Notre Dame professor Patrick J Dineen wrote what we saw in Indiana that was not just a miscalculation by Republicans we saw fully unmasked just who runs America and the kind of America that they are bringing more fully into reality every passing day it will be an America where the powerful will govern completely over the powerless where the rich dictate terms to the poor were the strong are Unleashed from the old restraints of culture in place we're libertarian indifference whether in respect to economic inequality or morals is inscribed into the national fabric and where are they the unburdened hedonic human will reigns ascended that's

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