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Instructions and Help about Which 8850 Form Rural

Wind farms, like the one in California, are becoming more common in rural areas of the US. An industry association reported that wind power capacity in America grew by 45% last year. Mostly, wind power is generated by large propellers that can only be placed in the countryside. However, a US company is now offering a propeller-free personal windmill that can be set up in a city or suburb. The president of Mariah Power, Mike Hess, demonstrated what he calls the Wind Spire. According to him, this device can generate 25-30% of the power in one's house. Additionally, they are developing a three kilowatt version which is only twice the width and same height, but it can generate 100% of a household's power. The Wind Spire was part of an environmentally friendly exhibit at the US Botanical Garden in Washington. The design of the windmill was inspired by a 3,000-year-old windmill that the Egyptians used to grind wheat. To prove its competitiveness with large propellers, the company had the modern version independently tested in Utah. Traditional windmills with large blades have been known to kill birds and bats, and they can be noisy due to their faster movement than wind speeds. However, Mike Hess claims that the Wind Spire's vertical axis wind turbine is quiet and bird-friendly. It only spins at two-and-a-half times the wind speed, making it easily visible to birds. Customers who install the nine-meter-tall Wind Spire can monitor the amount of electricity it generates through a wireless connector that provides information on power production and wind speed. This data is displayed on a computer readout. The design of the new windmill attracts the curiosity of tourists and passers-by who may consider it an affordable way to power their homes. And that's the news for today.