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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Which 8850 Form Solutions

Instructions and Help about Which 8850 Form Solutions

In critical industries tool use needs to be controlled safe and productive snap-on offers the most advanced form of tool control for critical industries level 5 tool control organizing tool use with custom sets making tools more visible to the technicians who use them seamlessly integrating access control monitoring who has the tools and where the works being done with fully automated systems level 5 is a suite of solutions customized to meet the needs of your worksite and it works at the speed of work we deliberately design a system it didn't hinder the technician at all the more organized you are the easier it is to get the job done right snap-on is your partner performing a tool audit to determine your tool and storage requirements then we'll design specialized tool sets for you utilizing solutions specifically tailored to your needs the right tools for the right job no more no less to choose the right tools technicians need to be able to see them Stephane incorporates high visibility tool handles color foam inserts and customized organizers that give you control and a glance visibility doesn't mean compromising security our visual control cabinets utilize the same material used in jet fighter cockpit windows to keep your tools visible and safe snap-on designs and access control strategy around your needs you can simply lock and unlock your boxes or go well beyond that by controlling who can access the tools on what date at what time in real time from any location keep track of every tool and asset from one place your computer powerful software tracks each individual item in a roll cap Locker cabinet or tool crib reducing the cost and hassle of replacing lost tools and assets the efficiency of automated tool control benefits many industries ATC's use in aviation railroad nuclear power and any other place where people are interested in keeping control of their assets automated tool control minimizes evers that could affect productivity level five ATC uses digital imaging and RFID technology to track every tool buy part number and user when compliance is critical automation provides peace of mind one of our ATC customers will not let an airplane back away from the gate until 80 secret gives the green light that all the tools are present and accounted for knowing where your tools are at all times is the ultimate weapon against foreign object damage let's take a closer look at how automated tool control keeps a busy worksite productive using a level 5 ATC roll cab ATC Locker and administrative software snap-on roll cabs are everywhere from aircraft hangars to manufacturing plants to the shop where you take your car with level 5 ATC technology the roll camp just got smarter the day begins and your team goes to work time to check out some tools swipe your card and the system knows who you are only authorized people can open the box watch closely the level 5 system just scan the drawer take the tools you need even tiny items like screwdriver bits and quarter-inch sockets as you close each drawer the optical scanner determines which tools have been removed you get instant feedback ATC doesn't require you to learn kind of new steps or procedures to use the box you use your badge to access the box and you take the tools out just as you would any other tool box when you're done with the tools return them quickly and conveniently badge in and the system highlights the tools you have checked out place the tools in their pockets and close the drawer you get instant confirmation of the return a TC is mobile move the box to the job the six rechargeable batteries provide up to 16 hours of battery life batteries are hot swappable so you can replace them and keep working some tools don't fit neatly into a foam organizer or toolbox drawer that's where the level 5 ATC Locker comes in the Locker uses RFID tags applied by either snap-on or the tool user to automatically track powertools equipment even extension cords and batteries no reader or wand required for a technician checkout is the same intuitive process badge in and grab the tools you need close the door and inside the locker the antennas scanned to determine which tools have been taken you receive confirmation of the transaction in five seconds the ATC lockers industrial grade metal shelves support the weight of tooling used in serious assembly operating and maintenance environments Foam shelf liners cushion items when they're returned cordless tools are right at home in the ATC locker which has five outlets inside for secure recharging snap-on level five ATC transmits every transaction every single tool issue and return to a powerful administrative platform network multiple tool storage units together and access all that data through this intuitive interface every check out and return is logged in real time and digital photos are taken of the drawer before and after level five ATC software can even track tools that require periodic calibration like torque wrenches and alert sounds when the item in need of calibration is accessed requires calibration right from the roll cap a user can report a tool in need of repair or replacement alerting the administrator immediately all this data can tell you a lot about how your tools are utilized choose from dozens of standard reports or customize your own and export the results to common formats like PDF or Excel snap-on employees the right technology to solve the customer's particular need so whether it's optics where you can control things as small as a screwdriver bit to Radio Frequency Identification where you can control large and flexible things like extension cords and harnesses snap-on is going to make sure that we've got the right technology for the customers unique need snap-on offers effective tool control solutions for every industry every worksite every tool to learn.

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