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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Which 8850 Form Stamps

Instructions and Help about Which 8850 Form Stamps

Music Applause Music Applause Music hi this is David Odell with Odell complete concrete I came in here and this dirt was already pretty much graded down someone else had started this job previously and for whatever reason they couldn't finish it so I came in and I'm gonna button it up basically so we got some stamp color concrete around the area already what we're gonna try to do is match it we're pretty sure we know what color was used there so we're gonna go with that what the homeowner selected it's basically a davis intrical and it was I believe a San Diego buff that was for the field area of the comi there's some bands that were darker I forget what color that was but it's also a davis color we're not doing any of the dark bands we're just gonna do one field color on this so we're gonna mix it in with the concrete there was a little bit of dirt to take out of here not a lot we're gonna leave about a 1 foot gravel bed around the bottom of that fountain so a lot of times what happens when you have a fountain that's um near specially color concrete dark color concrete that water that blows around when it's windy or just the splattering of the water it has a lot of mineral deposits hard water deposits and that really shows up a lot on darker color concrete so if you put the gravel around about a good 1 foot board or gravel around that fountain most of your overspray from that fountain running it's gonna hit the gravel and hopefully not laying on the concrete and just make a mess of it Music well here's the side gate here this is the elevation we're gonna match so right now all I'm doing is I'm checking how much slope we have from the furthest point across this job site to see how many inches of slope we have see what I'm dealing with here and whether or not these drains are gonna be really useful or not all the water because this is a some kind of semi sunken patio area because they have this raised entry here the water can't get out through the wall or anywhere else has to go in the drain so crucial that we make these drains the low point we can slope the water into that gravel bed around the fountain but that's going to only hold so much water and what happens is when that maxes out water's going to come out of that area and it's got to find a drain that can happen pretty quickly in a small area Music now we just pull the string line all the all the way across we have to be below this light cover plate so it's still removable of course so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna make kind of kind of a severe drop off compared to everything else right out of this initial gate because they've got this one raised planter wall over here to my left that's pretty low you just see it over there in the corner we had to have the concrete below that precast concrete cap that's been stained and sealed we got to get the Connery below that it's gonna look funky if I pour up against that ball nose cap on that raised seat wall well it's not really that raised at this point but it's there so we're gonna kind of deal with that this is my main drain where I think basically 90% of the waters gonna get - well this drain system they put in ahead of time it's by somebody else and I believe it goes out through the curb face into the gutter on the street so what we did here is we just measure out a foot all the way around this fountain and we drive a stake once all those stakes in we just wrap some bendable boards around it and now we have a nice little radius I use this landscaping material it's kind of a composite plastic then you reuse it quite a bit they have some other material the green board which is a lot thinner than this and you need a lot more stakes to hold its hold a nice radius seshu when the concrete hits it it kind of starts moving around this stuff here you don't need that many stakes and it holds up pretty good against the weight of the concrete Music Music my concrete caused me pretty close to these stucco walls it's real similar and they've got a smooth smooth stucco finish on that intrical stucco color Music she means no painting so we're gonna put the fire mesh in like normal and we're gonna put rebar two foot on centers going to my standard procedure on this one I'm gonna go 2,500 psi there's the higher the psi you go that means the more color you're going to be thrown in and a lot of color um may not be that great for concrete quality Music I had some extra rebars you know a couple extras I just throw them in there Music Music so we have two drains in this whole area I'm gonna try to pick up some of the runoff on that upper dream but most of the water will run right by that and hit this lower one now I'm just giving it one last wedding before we start pouring the concrete in here we have big house concrete pumping pumping out of Norco we were using a bender concrete plant in Santana and Santa Fe Springs Music Music this is gonna be a little stamped texture they used some old granite on the previous stamp work here but I don't have the old Granite's I got the Belgium so I'm gonna go.

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