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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Which 8850 Form Stamps

Instructions and Help about Which 8850 Form Stamps

Music Applause Music Applause Music hi, this is David Odell with Odell Complete Concrete. I came in here and this dirt was already pretty much graded down. Someone else had started this job previously and for whatever reason, they couldn't finish it. So, I came in and I'm gonna button it up, basically. So, we got some stamp color concrete around the area already. What we're gonna try to do is match it. We're pretty sure we know what color was used there, so we're gonna go with that, what the homeowner selected. It's basically a Davis Integral and it was, I believe, a San Diego buff that was for the field area of the comi. There's some bands that were darker, I forget what color that was, but it's also a Davis color. We're not doing any of the dark bands, we're just gonna do one field color on this. So, we're gonna mix it in with the concrete. There was a little bit of dirt to take out of here, not a lot. We're gonna leave about a 1-foot gravel bed around the bottom of that fountain. So, a lot of times what happens when you have a fountain that's um near specially colored concrete, dark color concrete, that water that blows around when it's windy or just the splattering of the water, it has a lot of mineral deposits, hard water deposits, and that really shows up a lot on darker color concrete. So, if you put the gravel around about a good 1-foot board or gravel around that fountain, most of your overspray from that fountain running, it's gonna hit the gravel and hopefully not laying on the concrete and just make a mess of it." 2. "Music well, here's the side gate here. This is...