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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Which 8850 Form Supplemental

Instructions and Help about Which 8850 Form Supplemental

Magnesium one of the most essential elements that our body is required to function yet study after study shows that over 80% of us are deficient in this vital mineral magnesium is the most diversity chelated element is sold over the counter so what's the best form to take that's coming up okay guys so we have so many forms of magnesium we have magnesium carbonate magnesium chloride magnesium glycinate magnesium a lead magnesium tarry magnesium citrate magnesium oxide magazine magnesium sulfate magnesium glutamate and aspartate so what's what's the best form the best form of magnesium is actually magnesium chloride or magnesium flakes or it's also called magnesium oil magnesium chloride is basically a naturally-occurring chelation of magnesium that comes from some of the European seized a word of caution here not to confuse chloride with the toxic chlorine gas chlorine does not occur naturally in the environment but chloride is very important for the function of our biology and our system actually the regular table salt sodium chloride is very very essential for our body so if you are suffering from any sort of joint pain if you have low energy if you have cramps in your muscles if you have diabetes if you're suffering from infertility okay if you want to optimize your levels of calcium vitamin D and vitamin k2 if you have cancer it is absolutely essential that you start supplementing with magnesium and not just magnesium the right form of magnesium so the right form of magnesium the best form of magnesium would be magnesium chloride which you can get in bottles or you can just mix magnesium chloride flakes in water and create your own magnesium oil the reason it's called magnesium oil is because it it gives that a little bit of a slippery feel to it when you spray it on your skin and what is comprised of is basically 12% elemental magnesium which gives you the highest percentage of magnesium absorption and it can help in a variety of ways all you have to do is either get magnesium chloride and just dump about a pound or two pound in a full bath warm water and just soaking for 20-30 minutes or just get magnesium chloride in in bottles and spray on your body and just massage it in it is really really good for increasing the immune system system ability to fight diseases fight viruses and bacteria it is really an essential element for development of bones and muscles and the cardiovascular system for kids for infants what I do is I usually basically even spray it in water or in food and I give it to my children or I spray it on my body and I massage it in if you go to a masseuse regularly maybe just take a bottle of magnesium and say hey you know what just use some of this as oil it does have a little bit of stinging feeling to it when you're not used to it or when you're deficient in it it's actually an indication that you know you are deficient if you do burn a little bit but as you use it and as you continue with it you will feel less and less of that sensation and you'll get used to it if you are a cancer patient I recommend to get on magnesium supplementation as soon as possible dr. circus writes take magnesium to escape cancer he basically goes through an article here that explains everything about magnesium how it can it can help a cancer patient there are other articles that you can go through with you know regarding magnesium dr. Mercola has a very very good article magnesium within visible deficiency that could be harming your health so the interviews prominent doctors in the field of research of magnesium in any event if you want to take magnesium orally you can't do it but know that magnesium chelation basically is very very diverse there's no other elements or mineral that is as diverse like elated and sold as magnesium because it's such a highly reactive element and it can be basically chelated differently to target different parts of the body so what I do recommend is basically a few forms of magnesium orally which is magnesium a late magnesium turret or magnesium citrate some of these may give you the laxative effect because magnesium naturally gives you that effect but there are other companies that have come with different types of chelation that minimize this effect such as magnesium die malate sold by nutri gold I will put all of these links below if you want to go ahead and try magnesium oil I will also leave a link below there's two types of magnesium oil that I recommend one is from life flow and the other one is ancient minerals I do recommend ancient minerals because they've been around and I believe that they provide the purest form of magnesium oil life flow also has a good magnesium oil it is a little bit cheaper in price but it is a good alternative with that said I will leave a link below here on these various forms of magnesium which you can go and try and the ones that you should stay away from and go ahead guys and put magnesium as one of the most important supplementation on a daily basis okay so don't forget to subscribe and give this video a thumbs up I'll be coming up with a lot more videos to help you support your health and become self-reliant until then take life from nature one step at a time you Music you.

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