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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Which 8850 Form Supplemental

Instructions and Help about Which 8850 Form Supplemental

Magnesium one of the most essential elements that our body is required to function yet study after study shows that over 80% of us are deficient in this vital mineral magnesium is the most diversity chelated element is sold over the counter so what's the best form to take that's coming up okay guys so we have so many forms of magnesium we have magnesium carbonate magnesium chloride magnesium glycinate magnesium a lead magnesium tarry magnesium citrate magnesium oxide magazine magnesium sulfate magnesium glutamate and aspartate so what's what's the best form the best form of magnesium is actually magnesium chloride or magnesium flakes or it's also called magnesium oil magnesium chloride is basically a naturally-occurring chelation of magnesium that comes from some of the European seized a word of caution here not to confuse chloride with the toxic chlorine gas chlorine does not occur naturally in the environment but chloride is very important for the function of our biology and our system actually the regular table salt sodium chloride is very very essential for our body so if you are suffering from any sort of joint pain if you have low energy if you have cramps in your muscles if you have diabetes if you're suffering from infertility okay if you want to optimize your levels of calcium vitamin D and vitamin k2 if you have cancer it is absolutely essential that you start supplementing with magnesium and not just magnesium the right form of magnesium so the right form of magnesium the best form of magnesium would be magnesium chloride which you can get in bottles or you can just mix magnesium chloride flakes in water and create your own magnesium oil the reason it's called magnesium oil is because it it gives that a little bit of...