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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Which 8850 Form Taxpayer

Instructions and Help about Which 8850 Form Taxpayer

Hello my name is Catherine Robertson I'm an HR specialist here at national PEO and I'm going to briefly go over how to complete the new form i-9 the new version of the form i-9 has been released and all employers will be required to begin using this form for all new hires as of May 7th 2022 the new i-9 is now a two-page form with the employee section section 1 on the first page and the employers section section 2 on the second page the employee and only the employee must fill out the entire section 1 the first part of section 1 requires the employee to prall of his or her personal information all employees are required to attest to their citizenship status or immigration status by checking off one of these four boxes it is very very important that the employee checks off one of these four boxes if the employee checks off that you she is a lawful permanent resident must prthe alien registration number or USCIS number in the line provided if the employee checks off that he or she is an alien authorized to work they need to prthe document expiration date on the line provided and in addition to that they need to preither the alien registration number or USCIS number or the form i-94 admission number the employee must then sign and date completing section one the preparer and/or translator certification the employee will never be the one to fill this section out this section only needs to be filled out by someone who assisted the employee in filling out section 1 section 2 of the i-9 is for employers only the employee must not ever write anything in section 2 employees must present unexpired original documentation that shows the employer his or her identity and employment authorization for this purpose a document titled lists of acceptable documents is provided along with the form i-9 employers cannot specify which documents the employee may present the employee chooses which documentation from the provided lists that they're able to present employees must present one document from list a or one document from list B in combination with one document from list see list a documents contain information that shows both identity and employment authorization while with speed documents show identity only and list C documents show employment authorization only the employer must ensure that any identification and ur employment authorization documents that the employee presents is on this lists of acceptable documents or is an acceptable receipt which we'll talk about more in a minute you do not have to be a document expert the employer must accept documents presented by an employee if it reasonably appears to be genuine if it relates to the individual and if it is on this list the document must be original photocopies are not acceptable the only exception is a certified copy of a birth certificate in certain circumstances your employee may present an acceptable receipt in lieu of a list a B or C document receipts may be used as temporary proof of employment eligibility when a list a B or C document has been lost stolen or destroyed it must be issued by the originating agency and the employee has 90 days to present a replacement document receipts indicating that an individual has applied for employment authorization or for an extension on an expiring employment authorization document are not acceptable list a if an employee provides a list a document for example a US passport or a permanent resident card you do not need a second form of ID and you only need to fill out list a in Section two always make sure you get a copy of list a documents it is very important for eve fi purposes also for permanent resident cards or employment authorization cards you must have copies of both the front and the back of the document if an employee provides a list B document for example a driver's license or school ID card the employee will still need to pra second form of ID from list C for example a social security card or birth certificate the first step in completing section 2 is for the employer to put the employee's last name first name and middle initial which can be taken from section one it is very important that the employer fills in all the information for list a B for B and C in a following order first we have document title for driver's license to write driver's license then you have issuing authority for a driver's license you would put the state that issued the driver's license then you have the document number and then you have the expiration date for lists see an example here is a social security card you can abbreviate SS C for the issuing authority its Social Security Administration which can be abbreviated as SSA you have the document number and there are is no expiration date for a social security card in this certification portion the employer needs to enter the date the employee begin or will begin work for pay the name signature and title of the person completing section 2 and the date he or she completed section 2 this date is required to be within three days of the employees first day of employment the employer must also enter the employers business name address the employer must always complete the certification and prthe employer signature in section 2 the employee cannot and must not ever complete the certification Section 2 must be completely filled out by the employer just providing copies of the documents and leaving section 2 blank or partially completed is not acceptable section 3 of the i9 only needs to be filled out if an employee's temporary employment authorization has expired and they pra new or updated document or if you rehire the employee.

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