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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Which 8850 Form Ting

Instructions and Help about Which 8850 Form Ting

Music today's video I will be showing you how I make my notes participants which are a because I thought a lot of you are thinking how I make my notes and you're confused on how and which points to take which point not to take so in this video I'll be showing you that I will also be showing you how to make my last minute not for cetera so let's guess that is the video ok so for today's video I will be using the cetera from so textbook because it's the only book that I have and it will also be better if you take out your own textbook because I don't think so you can see what is inside through this view also it's currently raining hope you don't mind I'll be showing you how to make proper proper notes for two chapter chapter 2 and also chapter 6 which I know a lot of people have trouble memorizing so we are going to focus on that to Supermarine down random font appearance okay this is what I do first basically write this subtopic at the center is how I will do it there's total assault amador for every subtopic will be at the same position comedone Unani on the left top left hamadan room on the top right hamid on india at the bottom left and so on it will be easier for you to memorize and know their position Unani food table shaking how to pick point I will first read the part a module in Anita lemon with your kind of a blur so they already have wanna keep all the gawky aristocracy dictator democratic so this is the first point already I take almost every point sign it shaking I release all classy dictator and racket here any then more coffee it doesn't really matter which way you wanna go so we do know that identical ninja honeymoon when I get an onion any sensible gentleman can expect coming down IndieGoGo Kanaka this is also a point basically everything in here is a point it's just like which one you wanna pick and which one and how you want to write it down you can use short form because this is your own notes no one is going to check or anything you know the reason why you need to take almost every point because in people one they will ask this a little bit you know that you never thought of reading or you never thought oh come on you just read on a big just sit the points like this you always miss out so we don't want to visit any points that also we must write down all the points PNP your own London is however ready coming the hunt and perturb you and PNP in the guy officer negara Costa Rica okay even small boxes student Maxima at the site is very important especially for your chapter I mean for your paper one this is how I do it an explanation for this point our use different colors Oh coming down Alibaba power also is a league actually only khaki okay they were saying how America memiliki coffee on Bursa and this is called aristocracy from here we don't want to make extra extra notes so you just underline this Winchell gallon I remember you just shot on it but then in your this is actually for you to understand you just need to know okay The Rocketeer Abbas happy winter Berlin and Monica but in your Essen you can read it in the long-term way based on your understanding no question but not okay another plain pasta see de-solder focusing classes speed up that over here tyranny Pimenta Han young Valley bring de Haan valium you know why we need to write with a little points like this because for a sale you can say like domain the hunt here any early dictator one max then tormentor hunt here any yell at our mentor Hannah Valley maybe you get another map you see from here you do any can't get like three maps becomes permanent here analytic data will not amend our journey your nap Amanda honey I'm sorry dependable Cosimo's up my dance I'm gonna equal to Delta maybe you can get to from here as well little things like this vector system democracy they have a vampire in Pune blah blah blah this on your video on your own let me show you how I would do this democracy they have two Maximus day one per him bullet a number line single shot to power sadhana eager tally segala Caputo's on day one the Kundera can only match list and computed son dad this is my notes when I wrote during from five and this is today I've changed my mind I don't think so I'll be showing you how to do notes for money Abbas yeah because it's basically just the same it's just the same just stick every point and then look at the pseudo macro Monica shut and simple let's move on to the last minute not the car can be a p.m. very soon guys I am going to show you how I make last minute snow fall soon and hamadan Mesopotamia we'll just use the case small size paper because we're not gonna fight like in detail okay we're not writing it in detail very simple code one down one down Hammurabi that is a really one point and then you can do right like short-short notes or something beep aha palliative or Sokoudjou dot system to the Sun which leads to epic you commish and we go again it's Anderson you can write in that sketch I think Gilgamesh Panchita and Rhoda one point and alap ananka spoken out on time of bhava to water hey this is the nicer version so yep this is how you do.

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