Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Which 8850 Form Unemployed

Instructions and Help about Which 8850 Form Unemployed

Welcome to ui online your fast convenient and secure way to certify for continuing unemployment benefits and manage your claim in this video we'll show you how to access tax information and obtain your form 1099g using ui online each January the EDD mails a form 1099g to each individual who received continuing unemployment benefits during the prior year since your UI benefits are considered a taxable form of income you'll need to refer to this information when you file your tax return in order to use ui online to obtain tax information you first need to register and create a ui online account if you haven't created an account yet please view our other instructional video ui online overview and registration which will assist you in creating your ui online account using ui online you can access tax information on the benefits already received from the EDD in most cases without having to speak to a representative from the ui online home screen select the form 1099g link to access the form 1099g page from the form 1099g page you can view and print non adjusted benefit tax information form 1099g for up to five years and you can also request duplicate forms the EDD updates UI unlined with the most recent tax information for the prior tax year by January 31st the page starts with the most current tax year available the form shows all the EDD payments unemployment insurance disaster unemployment assistance and disability insurance benefits issued during that tax year most people receive only one form 1099g for a tax year occasionally some people have an adjustment done due to a late reported earnings adjusted forms are not available online if you need an adjusted form for the most recent tax year ui online will direct you to call the EDD at the phone number provided at the top of the screen if you want to print the information that appears on the official form 1099g scroll down and select the print button.if however you'd like to have an official copy mail to you select the request duplicate button in addition to the most recent tax year ui online has copies of tax info for the last five years at the bottom of the page below the options to print the most recent tax year are links to access the last five tax years if you receive benefits during those years the view link will display for you to view print our request duplicate forms for that year you can request a copy of all the years one at a time but after you have submitted a request for a certain year you cannot request another duplicate of that year within 10 days after selecting a request duplicate button for any of the five years available including the most recent year you will be navigated to the form 1099g address confirmation page the current mailing address is displayed if your mailing address is correct select the confirm button if you need to modify your address select the modify button to be redirected to the contact information page where you will update the address for your entire ui online account follow all instructions to complete your request and the EDD will mail the form to you if you need to request another tax year click the return to form 1099g button you'll be navigated back to the form 1099g screen where you can print or request another year's form by repeating the process we hope you have found this video helpful on how to access your tax information form 1099g through ui online in a fast convenient and secure way online additional information is available on our EDD website we also invite you to view other instructional videos that are available to learn more about the many different benefits and conveniences of using why online.