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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Which 8850 Form Unemployment

Instructions and Help about Which 8850 Form Unemployment

To file for your weekly unemployment insurance benefits be sure you first filed an initial application for benefits if you haven't done that please view our video how to file an initial unemployment insurance claim to help you get started benefits are paid based on a weekly basis the weeks start at 12 a.m. Sunday morning and run through 11:59 p.m. on Saturday when you claim a week of benefits you're claiming for the previous week so you can claim anytime after 12 a.m. on Sunday morning through 11:59 p.m. on Saturday for the week that just ended let's walk through an example if he filed your initial application on the second your claim will be effective starting the week ending on the 7th this is done by filing online or by telephone between the 8th and 14th of the month you won't receive any benefits for the first week you claim it's called the waiting week to get credit for your waiting week be sure to file an application for benefits and submit a weekly claim so in this example you're waiting week is the week ending on the 7th your next weekly claim will be for the week ending on the 14th if you're eligible this will be the first week for which you could receive a benefit payment you would file your claim for that week between 12 a.m. on the 15th and midnight on the 21st there are two ways to file your weekly claim the fastest and easiest way is to go online you can use our online claim system on our website WWE Oregon gov accept between 12:30 and 2:30 a.m. each night you can also file by phone using the weekly claim line at one eight hundred nine eight two eight nine to zero listen to the voice prompts for instructions and use your phone's keypad to answer the yes-or-no questions the weekly claim line is available 24 hours a day seven days a week there are long wait times on Mondays and midday each day you can avoid these by claiming benefits online or by calling during less busy' periods when you file your weekly claim you will be asked a series of questions these questions help us determine whether you are eligible to receive benefits for that week all questions must be answered truthfully if you don't answer questions truthfully it could result in delayed payments or penalties for committing fraud first let's talk about what you got paid report any earnings or hours worked during the week you're claiming such as how many hours you worked your total gross earnings which includes vacation and holiday pay cash tips bonuses commissions and non-cash payments such as room and board report all of your earnings before any deductions report earnings for the week you did the work so when you start a new job you will need to report the hours you worked in the wages you earned even if you have not yet received your first paycheck give us a call at the unemployment insurance call center if you have questions about what to report or how to report cash and non-cash earnings now let's talk about your work search provide a detailed record of your work search activities each week you are required to conduct at least five work seeking activities per week activities include but are not limited to completing enrollment activities through WorkSource Oregon attending job placement meetings sponsored by WorkSource Oregon participating in a job club or networking group that is dedicated to job placement updating your resume reviewing job placement websites or newspapers without responding to a job posting or making direct contact with an employer two of your work seeking activities must be direct contact with an employer this means contacting an employer in person by phone by mail or electronically inquiring about and/or applying for a job opening you must contact the employer in the way they require when you claim benefits your report of work seeking activities must include the date you completed the activity and a description of the activity completed when reporting direct contacts be sure to include the date you contacted the employer the company's name address and phone number the name of the person you contacted the type of work you applied for how you contacted the employer and what the results were if you apply to an online job posting and don't know the name of the business enter the job postings identifying number you can use the work search record form in the back of your claimant handbook to keep your own records and you can download additional forms at WWE employment Oregon gov there are some situations where your work search requirements may be unique you are on a temporary layoff and are scheduled to return to full-time work within four weeks you are in a closed union that dispatches its members to job sites or you are in a training unemployment insurance or Trade Act program or are receiving self-employment assistance benefits if you fall into one of these categories visit www.handspeak.com Oregon gov as early as Tuesday if you submit your claim on Sunday or Monday please keep in mind that just because you file for a week of benefits does not mean you will receive a payment if we find any issues with your claim we'll let you know if you want to receive benefits you have to file each week if you don't your claim will become inactive and you'll have to restart it to learn more about making sure you can continue to receive benefit payments please review the next video in this series entitled maintaining your unemployment insurance eligibility we hope this video helps explain how to file your weekly benefit claim find out more unemployment insurance information including full rules and regulations at WWE employment Oregon gov.

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