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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Which 8850 Form Veteran

Instructions and Help about Which 8850 Form Veteran

To flesh out 1940 in its neighboring years we're honored to have with us this evening two of our favorite voices from wamu at Walker and Rob Bamberger Rob bamberger's interest in vintage jazz in swing began in 1963 at the elementary school book fair and shaker heights ohio where he picked over the remainders on the record table after the crowd had dispersed there he found a two-record set from the RSA RCA victor of broadcast performances by the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra that fateful acquisition which cost Bamberger a dime launched the consuming and scholarly interest in American music of the 20s 30s and 40s Rob came as the vault has a volunteer in 1978 and soon became host of hot jazz Saturday night like some of his wamu colleagues rob has written the notes for more than two dozen CDs on a wide range of themes and performers including the Boswell Sisters world war two love songs Duke Ellington ina ray Hutton and the Ozzie Nelson Orchestra he's given talks on the history of repertory jazz and jazz in Paris between the wars tonight he'll help us explore the world of the young man known as ed Walker as a child had always dreamed of a career broadcasting listening to the radio was always very important to him and while attending American University Walker was one of the founders of the campus radio station which was called wamu am in 1951 before the present FM station while in college Walker met Willard Scott who became his good friend and radio partner for 20 years calling themselves the joy boys Walker has also worked at local stations WPGC wmal and w WRC he worked in television at WJLA from nineteen seventy five to nineteen eighty and news channel eight in the early 1980s today at Walker's the host of wamuu's long-running program the big broadcast the show just in case there's someone in the room who hasn't heard it features a collection of vintage radio programs from the 30s 40s and 50s including Gunsmoke the Jack Benny show The Lone Ranger suspense fibber McGee and Molly and Superman the big broadcast air sundays from seven to eleven and has been weekly featured on wamu since nineteen sixty four and it has been at the mic since 1990 ladies and gentlemen please welcome Rob bamberger and ed Walker which is here we'll ditch around to the front got it good and I want to set the scene for you a little bit nobody showed this is a lot of laws was a record I don't know it's it's a very sophisticated facility they have a laugh track the cause that can sweeten it if we're not very funny you know it's so you should relax say anything you want anything we have behind you at well first if it's a great great pleasure to to be included in this serious and always for me to to hang out with with that you know it keeps me keeps me around on a retainer and call Spence's we have behind us said on the screen a page from the 1940 census that describes the families living on euclid street is in washington DC ah good m oh there we are we've we've zeroed in on the Walker family what was the address 1218 1218 euclid and we see Edward H Walker who is age 7 and your sister that evokes up I don't know if I've ever asked you about about your family your parents well my father we came out here because my dad lost his railroad job in the depression and he got a part-time job or a temporary job at the railroad retirement board 1936 he came out here for six months and we never went home this became home and he worked for the office of defense transportation then he got out of the government work for the national lumber Manufacturers Association and that's pretty much the story so like you up a long and checkered the employment yeah that's right and you mentioned that you lost your sister within the last didn't last year yeah and she was about you is about 85 I think and you recently if might as well spill it all yeah might tell everything we have no secrets okay you recently turned 80 wonderful I can remember when I was the new kid on the block you know no more yeah there are certain transitions in life I one that always made an impression on me was about turning 30 and when someone calls and says will you help me move to another apartment and return for pizza and I say hell no that's when you know you've made one yeah that's a and then when people you wake up once and you realize your institutional memory which is why I like hanging out with you because you are institutional memory to institutional memory it makes me feel better I do want to thank National Archives staff member County father for locating its 1940 census record the station keeps somebody around to go out and locate Evelyn we need him and I have no secrets at all none whatsoever getting a witness protection program well ed you are always very straightforward that the big broadcast for all of its many years on our station did not begin with you but began with a man that we cared a great deal about John heck yes tell us a bit about the Roma John I first knew John I was doing a program at WRC years ago called grandes record shop and I would play old records they were old then they're ancient now I mean this songs out of the 20s and stuff and I did this old man's voice hello folks how are you talk like that which is now my met regular voice but so you just use your young.

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