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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Which 8850 Form Website

Instructions and Help about Which 8850 Form Website

Hi everyone this is Ian Lamont author of Google Drive and Doc's in 30 minutes today gonna be talking with you about how to use Google Forms and how to embed a form into a website or to use it in other ways and basically this lets you put a form on your own branded website or put it on your social media site it's quite easy to do and let's get started so go to Google Drive Drive Google calm and then look for your form and I've recently been working on one so it's called pet preferences it's very simple so select the open it up by double clicking it and you'll be brought to the screen in which you can edit the form now I don't want to edit the form I'm all done with it I've added a pretty banner up here I have my questions and I've demonstrated this in other videos by the way but now I want to take this form and put it on another website and basically this is how you do it up at the top here there's a button that says send click on that and you'll have a couple different options to send the form one will be by email and they'll basically you can email somebody a link the other way is just to take the link itself here's a link you can copy it and then you can paste it into another web page let's take a look and see what it looks like and here's my form but the problem with doing it this way is you'll see at the URL at the top is a Google URL and what if I want to put that on my own website there's a way to do that and this is how so go back to the send form and click on the icon it looks like two pointy brackets pointing in opposite directions and it will give you something called the embed HTML along with a width and a height and basically the idea is you take this code you just click on it once to highlight it then you click copy and then you can bring it over to your website maybe it's a blog maybe it's some other sort of web site paste that little bit of code in there and then the form will appear on a web page in your own way site with your own website URL I'm just going to change one thing with this this is a little bit too wide for me I'm going to set it to 640 PX which means pixels the height I think that's okay it's copy it again copy okay now I've already prepared a post to carry this particular form a sample survey using Google Forms this is in WordPress by the way this is for my official website Google Drive and Doc's in 30 minutes so what you need to do and WordPress at least is you have two ways of looking at the text this is the visual appearance kind of what it will look like when you actually post it go to the one that says text or in some the older versions of WordPress or other blogging platforms that will say HTML and then you just paste that little snippet of code that you got from the other website from this code right here you'll paste it so I'm going to go to edit paste we use one of the keyboard shortcuts so here's the code it looks like computer code you can't really tell what it's talking about other than the width and height but this is all I wanted to do and I'm going to publish this and then we're going to take a look at it to see what it looks like okay post published let's take a look and see this great looking survey that I just created on my own website it's taking a little bit of time okay so here's my website a sample survey using Google Forms and here it is pet preferences in America and the great thing is is it has my own URL above there and then people can take the survey so which do you prefer cats you want to pet yes scroll down its submit and the response has been reported so that's how you embed a form created in Google Forms on a website for more information on how to use Google Forms or Google sheets Google Drive Google Docs check out my book Google Drive in Docs in 30 minutes available from in 30 minutes com thanks so much for watching.

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