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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Which 8850 Form Zones

Instructions and Help about Which 8850 Form Zones

A child gone missing is every parent's biggest fear fortunately most of the time the child is found within hours but other times they aren't lost nor are they playing with friends down the street tragically they've been abducted which is like horns worst nightmare roughly 800,000 children are reported missing each year in the United States that's approximately 2,000 per day having the peace of mind knowing where your child is at all times is absolutely priceless ninety-two percent of parents say that it is important to know where their child is eighty-eight percent of parents say it's important for their children to be able to contact them if they need to ninety percent of parents don't to be able to contact their children when they are not with them with most parents wanting to do so one to two times a day for parents calls are the most popular communication method when contacting their children followed by text messages nearly four and ten parents feel that their children are not old enough to own a smartphone until ages 11 to 13 after extensive research and talking to concerned parents we at Patel marketing decided it was time to do something so we found a unique device that would keep parents and their children in touch with each other 24 7 besides keeping track of your children's whereabouts it also allows your children the freedom to explore beyond your reach with less worry we bring you p watch for kids v watch for kids provide security and peace of mind to every parent out there with a simple push of a button v watch for kids allows children and parents to stay in touch at all times and with the gps system parents will never have to question where their child is be watch for kids is changing the way parents and kids stay connected be watch for kids is a wearable communication and gps locator for kids designed with parents in mind we watch for kids is providing kids the freedom they need to be kids and parents the peace of mind they have been looking for we watch for kids is keeping families connected without the need to buy a young child a smartphone the be watch kids app gives you the ability to choose up to free phone numbers that your child's be watch can call and up to 10 numbers to receive calls from your child can choose from three trusted contacts and call the one they want with just a touch of a button it's that simple be watch for kids gives you the ability to locate your child with the technology of the GPS system through the GSM network it provides the most accurate location information with real-time positioning whether your child is indoors or outdoors the GPS locator will continue to work as long as there is an internet signal you can see your child's location on the map through the be watch app at any time in the event of an emergency your child can press the SOS button on their be watch for three seconds to initiate the emergency mode which triggers a call to the primary account holder but if there is no answer it will call each of the three contacts until one of them successfully connects through the boys guardianship you can safely listen to the background noise through the be watch while undetected this feature is vital if you're suspicious of any activity that may require you to eavesdrop on your child a sensor on the back of the watch will detect if the be watch is removed from your child's wrist and sends an alarm to the primary holder cell phone this is another vital feature if someone maliciously removes the be watch from your child you have the ability to set a security parameter for your child a security area is a virtual radius around a location such as home school or a friend's house that you set up once the parameter is set a notification will be sent to the primary holder cell phone if the child leaves the security area yes that's right it's a watch too on top of all the great features beat watch for kids has it has a normal watch that displays the time and date the beat watch for kids Bluetooth function allows you to monitor the watch when there is no signal as long as the parent and child are within 32 feet or 10 meters of each other it sounds an alarm when the 32 feet or 10 meter radius is breached great for any crowded settings be watch for kids app has a pedometer feature that gives you the ability to track of each step your child takes the beat watch for kids app mobile companion gives parents the ability to control their child's be watch right from their smartphone the app is available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store or you can simply scan the QR code on the back of the be watch for kids box the be watch for kids app gives you the ability to stay connected with your child throughout the day right from your own mobile device whether it's checking to see if your child has made it home safely from school or to let your child know you're running a few minutes late the be watch for kids app delivers the connection this gives parents the peace of mind they greatly crave with the beat watch for kids app you as the parent are always in control from the initial set up to the daily check-ins the be watch for kids app provides several ways to customize for the best experience get the peace of mind you deserve get be watch for kids today you.

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