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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Who 8850 Form Agencies

Instructions and Help about Who 8850 Form Agencies

Okay this is order from Portland in this video I will walk you through step by step how you can use all CRM for your travel agency to multiply sales and prawesome customer experience hey thanks so much for watching this video over the next 1 hour or so I'm going to demonstrate how you as a travel agency owner can take advantage of Zoho CRM and take your business to the next level now before we talk more about this application it is super critical for you to know that why we built this application in the first place here's the number one travel agencies have been looking for a simple system that helps them grow their revenue and deliver awesome customer experience also they are looking for a system that can combine the marketing automation the sales pipeline management customer feedback everything into one single place further there have been also looking for an application which they can access anywhere anytime and across any devices they're billing for system which is rich in functionality yet super affordable now with that backdrop we create a travel agency CRM on our winning Zoho CRM it captures everything right from getting a lead to receiving a testimonial you can access this application anywhere anytime and from any device we kept the pricing super simple and affordable and there is no locking period or saver this is how the application helps you with every passing day your website is becoming more and more important so with zall sales IQ integrated with traveling in CRM you can track website visitors real time engage with them and convert them as a lead right from inside your chat widget now depending upon whether you organize a fi t that means flexible trip or fixed departure our vast majority of your website visitors might leave their contact details in your website contact us form now these inquiries land straight inside your CRM application once you get this inquiries you jump into action you take notes your skittle calls you complete your to Do's and when the leaders interested you send them an awesome-looking code with eternal ready once the code is confirmed by your customer you convert the code into an invoice and start recording payments now it's time to book reservations with your different vendors one trip up can have multiple supplier or vendor reservations for example you might require a flight ticket for pickup and drop and accommodation now your trip price is your revenue and summation of your vendors ovations prices are your cost for that trip and the balance is your trip profit now it is super critical for you to know as a business owner that whether you made money or lost money by organizing a trip now toward this enter cycle all your interactions with clients and vendors are going to get stored into one single place all your tasks all meetings all calls nodes the chat transcripts and emails now once the client is back from the vacation you might want to promote your popular destinations via email and social media campaigns and Zul campaigns help you there and of course you get real-time dashboards and dippers that help you assess the health of your business now travel agency CRM is being used by travel agencies of all sizes across the globe now these companies organize flexible Tripper FIP or fixed temperature or there are some companies who would be organizing both now this is what customers have to say about this application Rainier rounds Ellicott travel a travel agency based in USA I can't say how much I'm happy and thankful for the service provided to my company to London studies in the software autumn is always there and ready to help he has been extremely helpful Pleasant he's very knowledgeable things like that ok thank you so much ready Nizam rounds of travel agency which is your travel shop calm and based in UK or no from the first day we spoke I you stink tably that your product and services were a perfect fit for my business lips plea arounds an amazing company which is African sufferance limited to specialize in organizing African safaris she is based out of New Zealand here is what she has to say within the first two communications at golden lon I knew that this was the company to work with superb communication they are and continue to be very professional they have understood the specialty of our travel business and delivered a fantastic product Jason realms a travel agency which is down under travel and being sort of Kara the team at golden land have been very good to work with they have been very attentive to my needs and been available at pretty much him anytime just me I'm really not sure when viously thank you so much Jason proving grounds an award-winning travel agency Billie Jean of Canada is an outbound travel agency known as industrial I've been working with golden land consulting to customize all CRM for the past two months it's been an absolute pleasure to work with Arnold and his team the project was delivered on time and as per specifications Gold Line has exceeded my expectations in every way gary rounds are very specialized traveling sea beans from off us is called toka travel it's been a true pleasure working with the team at golden land not only for the professionalism but even more of soft for the caring and openness to new ideas and we have many more such testimonials with that now let me jump in and walk you step by step that how you can finally leverage sole CRM for your travel agency to turbocharge your sales when you log into this application this is your home page as I mentioned that you can access this application anytime anywhere and from any device now this is the web app.

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