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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Who 8850 Form Applicants

Instructions and Help about Who 8850 Form Applicants

What's up new East Birds has arrived let's go trolling on sup guys and welcome to my first video on YouTube we'll be talking about the Korean government scholarship program at the 2022 announcement is out there so we could go together and check it out the first thing you gotta go is typing studying Korea in Google the first thing you gotta have is this one and look at the left you find the cages before graduate students and this video is from graduate students by the way so if you're not I'm sorry go to application form which we're gonna talk be talking about today and these are also very important information so you don't load it it looks something like this it's at the very beginning they have some basic information you have to fill in name country desired degree blah blah blah and here is a checklist for you you come here at the end to check if you have all the documents required and don't worry if you have some nose in here because not everything is designed for everyone something are designed for certain students and some other things that we're just optional next you'll choose your application track whether you're applying through an embassy or a university and then after that it choose your type of application with our general overseas Korean adoptee of the sea screens or if you're a green adopted and elsewhere not in Korea you choose this if your green living overseas each is this one but if you're otherwise you choose this one but you always have to check whether your country is eligible to apply by the way next desired field of study a kind of field can be studying up and then program to apply this is basic name surname gender blah blah blah picture make sure it's in this size and then the contact information and then the most recently attended University test your name of it University location major which degree have or you will be you're expected to have since if you're not graduated yet and the thesis title then you have this language up don't worry if you don't have them they have been here at the topic level the language the Korean language test if you have any scoring here putting in the TOEFL test for English if you don't have them it's fine but if you have them it's gonna push your application forward I didn't have the topic but I had a toe toe faults or put it in so and but don't worry that much about that then published papers if you have them that's good if you don't it's okay Awards if available just put in the mitt put them in doesn't matter how big the award is as long as it's an award just put it there doesn't matter but here you have to pay attention like this one if you are an embassy track applicant choose three universities and three majors but if you are a university truck if you are an obesity but if you are university track applicants you have choose only one University in one major if you choose more if you are gonna versus in you choose more than one and not gonna accept it they're not gonna accept your application alright so if you go back to the website you'll find this file right here saying University information download it and it will look something like this this file is it has a lot of information different information about all the different universities participating in this scholarship program so what you wanna do is you wanna see the universities you intend to study at and then see the majors they have because some universities provides certain images whereas others don't so you're gonna go through different universities you have here like how to get them and then you'll see also some extra information here provided for kgsp applicants some of them provide actually extra scholarship for certain students and all the different informations information you need to know before you attend the University this is guys very important because a lot of guys here after they came to Korea they want to change the university but they can't because once you make your choice it's impossible to do another choice this is for both the University and embassy track students so make sure you choose you first universities that correspond to your desires so now it's just talking about your previously achieved degrees a period University country blah blah blah and here this one is a lot of people find it difficult because the GPA is different in different countries anyway so if your country is normal like it uses the normal GPA we know like out of four out of five just write it there if not don't worry they have this table I quit the guidelines they have this table at the end where you could use to see where your great fits in and then you could convert it automatically and this is also the percentile this is not working for you could just go to I into the internet and then right in like GPA converter then you'll have a lot of websites to do it GPA converter GPA calculator and you do it and here you write like the grade for the first semester and second semester and third semester if you have three semesters if you have to only write two if you have two years four years it doesn't matter just write everything that corresponds and pay attention to the bachelor or master the game like if which one you had then this is work experience where where who would hold positions responsibilities if you visit Korea when how why if you previously receive the scholarship award from the Korean institution who how much when and this you have to print this.

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