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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Who 8850 Form Applying

Instructions and Help about Who 8850 Form Applying

We're about to show you how to sculpt gel with no nail forms and no gluing tips this technique is not only easier but faster than traditional gel sculpting if you've ever been scared of gel sculpting we're about to change your mind right now on nail school what what in God's name are you talking about when we're saying sculpting with no forms and no glue I am like beyond a static because this technique is going to shave so much time off of your services this is literally the easiest way to sculpt hard gel nails I'm going to show you guys how to build a free edge perfect shape perfect without putting any forms on around gluing anything to the natural nail watch how easy this is alright so Tracy and I have been experimenting with this process for a while we actually have been using these specific tips by using these tips not to glue on to shape you're gonna see exactly how it's done so what we want to do what we want to begin by doing is pushing our customers cuticles back okay with the magic wand as soon as we're done doing that what we're going to do is use a medium Arbor band to remove shine from the surface of the natural nail okay so what I'm going to do is again tickle tickle tickle tickle tickle tickle really gentle don't need to be aggressive and what we want to be able to do is just lightly feather away lightly feather away the shine from the surface of the natural nail so that we have basically a nice prepped surface to sculpt on okay done once we are done removing shined from the surface of the Nashville nail we're going to take swipe and to clean that and as soon as we're done cleaning we're going to take protein bond and you're gonna apply two coats okay we're going to do one okay on all ten nails and then as soon as you're done doing the tenth nail you're going to come back and do one more coat so this is prepped for application so the first thing we're going to do is we're going to takes energy base and I'm just going to get a nice even amount on the very tip of my brush you see that okay and I'm going to apply a nice thin coat from cuticle to free edge okay now what I want you to do as soon as you get it on the nail just like this on all five fingers I want you as soon as you get it on I want you to get it inside your universal light right and hit the sixty second button and then work on the other hand soon as you're done applying psynergy base to that hand switch and you're ready to work right on the application we're ready for application what we're going to use is this alright this is no well clear tip the most important thing when it comes to sculpting is being able to build a free edge right nice and even and flush to the natural nail so how we're going to do that is not by putting on a form how we're going to do that is by brushing it on the inside placing it on the finger and sticking it inside the light watch how I do this you're not using you're not going to be using the whole entire tip okay you're only going to be using the probably moat about three-quarters of the tip to basically get the length that you want okay so what you're going to do is you're going to take concealer pink and I'm going to get a nice even amount just like this okay now what I want to do is I want to take the product and I just want to start placing it inside the well just like this okay now I'm going to actually use the tip of my brush and start to stretch it to the length that I want so Tracy's length is about right there okay and again I'm not concerned whether it's completely even all I want to be able to do is you can see is I want to be able to create this nice see that this nice oval shape okay and if you turn the fit if you turn the tip around you're going to be able to see exactly what it looks like do you see that okay now because of the consistency of concealer pink when I set it down notice how I'm setting it down right about halfway and as I start to push down a little bit of the gel ends up coming off the edges that's fine take a look how perfect that is before we put the clients hand inside the light we're going to set it to the dimmer function this way it cures with virtually zero heat right the most it'll get is a little warm but it's not uncomfortable okay so we want to end the way that you do that is by holding the button you see that hold the button and it'll turn red just like that okay now it's really important when your client puts their hands inside the light you have to explain to them not to touch the tips on the plate because it's still wet gel you don't want the tip to move so when you set it in just tell them to set it in so that it's a little bit raised off the base of the plate you're only going to need it for the first 15 seconds and then they can rest their fingers it should be fine we're going to go in the light making sure fingers a little bit elevated I'm gonna set it for 60 seconds and this is going to.

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