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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Who 8850 Form Calculator

Instructions and Help about Who 8850 Form Calculator

Could I envisage this topic of this video will be how to set up your quick type there's a bone I'm gonna go to my locking I did receive by email and I'm going to actually enter it and then I'm going to select my Parfitt of being given in brown I'm going to say side force with today and I'm going to log in you see me to them in 1850 lock entities we try the live trading platform and I'm if I'm locked in I'm gonna have to show you how to start up setup you to type just to get started then you start being some chase and talking these technologies need to be online to do this so I open like this and as you can see I'm sitting already my tray in the bottom position and this is the format is going to be so this is what you're going to see this is your watch list this is the chart of the show this is your order page and this is your open positions on your system which is going viral a bit down left let me get a beer first of all I'm gonna have a lot of change here if I want to add an instrument are just right click and add instrument that instrument means watch say I want to look at I'm going to use the shortcut cards first of all I'm gonna do this another card very important please select release cfd jay-z folders only so I'm gonna select that then you can see wizard on the top so I can go to the symbols and it will take it alpha beta key for me so I'm going to add another Q year okay just to show you how it's been done make sure you saw flight the new shop type CD James II click again at instrument and then empty and CDJs II just double click on the series now I should be user training by the Khan now we'll click on it and I'm going to add the latest on the hook l CH I remember sorry I let see you will see the she's indicated education you should tell your pharmaceutical lhe CDJs go to the runs are undergoing decay now if I go to example routes and I select Willie's first of all what I would see here is a chart of release and I can actually go and change this chart so what's the best thing to do to change the chart UCSF yeah which is for fools please so let's go to the full screen yeah so the first block even the CEO on the list is basically a one minute and other side in a 15 minute chart not lost try the fastest 10 days I'm gonna change it to a five baby so you can actually go and zoom in and you know drawing those are the wrinkles that you can go any news for and page one kinda good support and resistance lines and and you can add indicators on the chart I'll do that from an education and if you select more you can go and take the size of the first line off or anything to go and take the volumes off if you want it I'm going to go to exit screen McKinney yeah and as you can see this is the movement of the ship if I want to go and change if I'm not familiar with the candlesticks as you can see at the rhythm realize it when Team India using the class if I'm not familiar that I can just right-click on the chart and I can go to stop and say to you a line chart on a line chart I can go and even be last ten days of line chart or movement of the specific shape and at the bottom you can actually see you've time to miss Rob so there's a lot of things as you can modify on this system if you want to but keep of the basics internal stick that means exit rate she tried it minute as to change leaving baby minute in five minutes reshape the chart will be up there for you on the system so vision shortcut keys yeah or you can go to the F fallen physical control the block of the right side this is your audience on a very important specially in the beginning all you need to do is on the blotter we will just put it right on your mousetrap give give and go to more money press tab on your keyboard tab tid and what will happen is this is the margin requirements you're going to see it now that will tell you to give an advice amount of certain round of chase that is the margin you need to type out to observer but fifty shades get free step and this will turn jaw if you want to buy fifty trees on CFDs off willies you're going to pay for that fifty shades and a thousand one can sit and read out of your compass a deposit if you go short you going to free step again and you'll as you can see the amount that you're gonna find in 1863 then to go shorten the specific trade so the next few videos are explained to how they overlook them out that would be if you want to delete this you just go on right-click on a machine and you sure you want to go move remove instrument select that one remove instrument that's what I'm going to move I don't want to put it move instrument UK and I want to look at it now who move from string to me actually just go ahead again what kind of shoes you want to go in the two books in your portfolio I just wanna.

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