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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Who 8850 Form Compliance

Instructions and Help about Who 8850 Form Compliance

Music hi I'm Derek Nam and I'm a PS GE student working with Cece Global Solutions one in three Millennials would be open to switching banks in the next 90 days 46 percent of the national income will be earned by the levels in 2022 an 81 percent of Millennials would rather access their accounts via computer than actually visiting a bridge that's why it's important for us to understand Millennials bank records therefore we interviewed Millennials to see what they saw it has not affected my opinion on banks negatively or positively in hindsight I definitely am a little suspicious but it's not gonna deter me from using eBay I think that after the financial crisis of 2022 I've definitely been more worried about my money as a unit per se so I'll consider it twice before investing it and so I'll look more into my bank hasn't lis affect my can you own bank that entity started thinking so after then I'm particularly old-fashioned so I prefer to go to the bank and see a teller I usually use my mobile device to do my bank like checking's and stuff like that I prefer to do most of my banking online although I do still go to an ATM for cash withdrawals I do any banking I like mobile banking I think that works a lot better than going to the store yeah I usually use it a lot because it's what's most frequently used between my peers or in my university and such things I do not cash or cheque or wire transfers those are the extent of my electronic banking which other transactions I do not tend to use mobile banking services I'm primarily a desktop user when it comes to online payments I use venmo easily ten times a month Music what's definitely branches because I further personal experience of knowing the person that I banking with I prefer to visit my bank in person because I'm a little leery of the application aspect of banking having all that information accessible on my phone definitely via my mobile I would prefer to use my bank via mobile just because I think it's a lot more convenient and I would not like to waste two hours out of my day with something I can do in five minutes with my phone I would go to my current thing I've been a longtime customer there since I was in college and I first opened an account probably they might think I would research my options but I might also consider through a company that I have a credit card with but I wouldn't really branch out to other banks for me personally kind of brand loyalty so I would always go to my bank first and certainly I would compare interest rates I would probably go to a federal institution because they usually have better rate my attitude towards banks is in general a favorable one because they recognize the value of having an account that you can use for mobile banking online applications but also to collect interest well my main concerns are that they are invested in maybe large projects that are against my my views I don't think much of them they just seem to be they're given I'm not at the point in my life where I have to really look into finances too much because I'm still like under my parents wing a little bit I don't particularly love them I know that there's a lot of unethical issues that go behind but at the same time I do believe that they've done well with my money so far I think it does go back to the question of ethics Millennials are very concerned with social justice and with things that are sustainable so I think if banks are making it clear that the money that they're not using for direct overhead or further operational costs are being used for social justice programs I think that would probably be a lot more appealing to Millennials in general definitely keep the mobile banking maybe partnership with businesses like mo or cat that I think PayPal's of them catch that do more stuff like that mobile applications having a broad appeal for all customer needs and have these the best opportunity for banks to attract Millennials I think that they should definitely keep the mobile apps maybe increase them have more utilities in them I know that they're very convenient a lot of Millennials use them so and I personally see a lot of things that help me while using it I also think they should be more transparent with their hidden fees it's very especially when you're starting out it's very hard to retain your money so hidden fees that you might not know about are really annoying so I would be transparent about them.

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