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This is the first logic game from the seven prep test 19 it's a it's a simple sequencing game it's got a lot of questions seven questions but it's but it's not hard so it shouldn't take you that long I would say probably eight minutes to finish this game out let's read stimulus is that starting a period of six consecutive days one through six that's your first clue that this is a sequencing game they're telling you there six consecutive days one through six that's your game board so like this and what are we going to put on the game board well six factories FG hjqr okay and during this period each of the factory will be inspected once one factory per day so that's they're telling you if it's a one-to-one mapping you can't like put two H's here and then no G that's not going to work every single one of these items have to make an appearance and and appear exactly once in each slot holds exactly one item okay so now for the rules first F is just inspect inspected either on day one or six oh so here's where rule number one F it's either one or else six right so this looks like something you know it depends as we read on one of the rules we may decide to split the game board up based on this rule cuz this is pretty easy right either F on one for one game board F on six for the other game board okay next we have J is inspected on day earlier than q is inspected okay so J is earlier than Q we don't know how by how many days earlier it could be immediately before Q or it could be spaced out by like I don't know two spots three spots four slots five spots but it just JS JS earlier than Q well okay fine certainly not five sauce not even four spots because four spots would put JQ into one six contradicting this rule so that's that's not good so it's either a zero spots one spots to sponsor three spots for this for this one and then we have the next rule Q is inspected on the day immediately before R so this one I'm not going to bother like what you you will write this I guess I guess I wrote it but anyway I was in saying is you should just write it immediately immediately on to this rule appended immediately on to the previous rule because you can see now you make that visual inference that J also has to be before J also has to be before art right because R is immediately after Q is immediately before R so J is if J is before Q then J also has to be before are okay and then finally we have G is since that's on three then Q is in spider on Phi so that's a conditional rule if we find G read then that we must find q5 now look this rule of course triggers this one right if g3q five that means are six right this QR like this okay so now I am going to slow the game board up again with it with all the you know with these older logic games up until sort of fairly recently the owl sack doesn't give you a lot of space to write out your game boards but now with all the with all the new lodger games that you have plenty of space so whenever you can't split the game board up so here we're going to split it up based on F so here F is going to be in one and here F is going to be on six and the way you split the game board up is the first thing you do you always split your master game board into two sub game boards accommodating that the rule on which you're splitting so now you see we visually represented this rule on our game board so this rule is gone you just you just get rid of this rule doesn't exist anymore right that way doesn't take up it doesn't draw your meta visual attention towards it where your where your attention should be focused on this stuff now you try to put the rest of this stuff in okay well what can we do well actually let's let's Circle our floater here H is our floater so here at this point what we should do is we should just write in the remainder of our rules because there really isn't too much for us to there isn't too much for us to figure out right um like for example this one here J is before Q R okay but that could be really anywhere jacob' here Q R could be here Jakobi here I know Q R could be here right so so just let's just keep the rule in mind locally next to this game board and then of course the g3 q5 rule still kicks g3 implies q5 right this one here if G is here we have to put Q over here R into here and then of course the J has to go either before or after and then the H is free to float whatever right but of course G doesn't have to be at three so then we're just going to write a little H put a circle next to it now we don't have to worry about so like now for this sub game where everything is localized to this this visual space right which is great because you just sort of see everything immediately you not to focus on this stuff anymore right all your items are even here okay so now for this one you do the same thing see this one here we have

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