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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Who 8850 Form Coordinators

Instructions and Help about Who 8850 Form Coordinators

Okay so our screen is ready for our slideshow alright so this is our care coordinator and all else who are in attendance here if a cues with updates and just we know that we're our care coordinators are currently not using our Harmony data system that is being used currently by our pcs administrators for these reasons and many others being as we have new programs and new options for people on questions and answers can change over time as we kind of grow and learn together when care coordinators are working within Harmony the processes and expectations will be a little bit different as we get information well of course share it in training there'll be lots of training about harmony typically we get a lot of questions about harmony during these sessions we can certainly answer those over time when care coordinators are in harmony there will be more training about how to work with harmony so these are current processes that we'll have happening now for care coordinators okay you can go ahead and download your handouts in the webinar we will send them to you in an email so don't stress out if you can't get them or the device just doesn't seem to work for that YouTube channel we'll put the recording up so if you want to review it later or you can send the link to the 2-year colleagues who would like to review it after the session no problem with that this is not a care coordinator ceh session this is just requirements for care coordination we're running special ceh sessions that are topics of interest to care coordinators to enhance your practice we're actually having a wonderful one tomorrow so you might want to check the training website if he needs to eh or if you're available to learn at a ceh webinar tomorrow everybody is welcome to attend this webinar today even though our registration said care coordinators or pcs admins we just wanted you to choose one or the other we can kind of tell by your email address which one you are but we like to know just for our own data so welcome to you all who are joining us here there's a limited pilot group of care coordinators working in harmony some of our care coordinators also have read-only access that just means that they can see harmony but they cannot you know make any changes in it while we are working on many STS we're working on getting feedback and updates to our harmony system through this kind of feedback loop if you will with our care coordinators there's a it's a long process we do want to get it right at this time you will be submitting documents and packets via DSM and there will be additional training and when you start to use training there'll be a trial starts use harmony there be lots more training so stay tuned for those things so let's look at some big picture information we usually get a lot of questions about you know what how does this fit in with the big picture we did put some of those things into your handout so we'll take a look at those briefly here just give me one second to get them ready for you we get them up on my screen and again this is just kind of information over time that we've collected to try to show us as providers of or knowing about all services what this kind of looks like so I put together on we we put together a sheet that just tries to portray long-term services and supports overall we don't have to review the entire thing but the helpfulness of this I believe will be the columns the vertical columns where you can see what are the choices that people have for Alaska Medicaid long-term services and supports personal care CFC and I'll answer your question about CFC in just a second and the ally waiver Alaskans living independently ap DD CCMC is W&I DD so this chart doesn't attempt to show every detail about every service combination and every eligibility it's just kind of an overview of what we have okay and then we have the different attributes of the of the choices if you will the PCs CFC and the waivers what type of level of care whether a person would need to be on the registry DD registry IMD means institution for mental disease and that is a behavioral health facility level of care so we do have updated FA cues about that so for CFC to help this population which is we don't know how many people will be accessing CFC through this kind of level of care but we will review the questions about it okay then we've got our care coordination the different nuances with care coordination the application annual plan and monthly contacts per the support plan being under targeted case management for only CFC and then the application and annual support plan being targeted case management for the waivers and the monthly contacts being just a waiver care coordination all right so we do have that in our fa Q's adls and iadls and then the different services so we don't really have to review the whole chart but it does have the basic limitations here per age as you can see there's pcs which is simply adls and iadls pcs only doesn't include other things CFC another type of option for people a person must meet level of care for a facility they would if a person wanted to have a personal emergency response system it is only offered under CFC and then the the a li waiver and a p DD waiver separate okay so that is just a an overview chart that is hoping to show you you know kind of like the big picture of our services.

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