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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Who 8850 Form Disability

Instructions and Help about Who 8850 Form Disability

Hi everyone welcome back to my channel in today's video I'm gonna be talking about my application for P IP which is personal independence payments this is kind of episode 2 of this kind of video diary of applying for this benefit I suppose you'd call it say oh I've had the form said to me couple weeks ago is a 40-page for no less than 40 pages and I say 40 pages there's 14 questions must have been the back for additional information and each question is about different subjects so I'll kind of briefly go through what they're asking home why I mentioned just to kind of give you an overview of what the forum is about so that's been about detailing your health professionals so I've just listed there my GP my neurologist who I don't see regulate I saw him after my weird eye vision loss thing which happened after Emily and opportunity and went on for months and also my geneticist who again I haven't seen since family was a baby but I didn't know how stupid I don't see a physio regularly I don't really see anyone look kind of like regularly the next section is about my health condition or disability so obviously there's things I have some obviously sanity diagnosed approximately early 8 1989 I'm not sure when if you can hear noise in the background is the kids running around because it's some holidays so they were well I put um depression anxiety because I'm suffered with that both personally and just generally have my vision problems which I've just mentioned and I'll see I've written there about circulation problems we're just taking the Philippine for and vocal cord paralysis which you can hear they want to know about medication you take and also have put there isn't any medication I take Chris Mt yeah there is no that treats it I've been there I take painkillers anti-inflammatories as or where I need them and I've seen the fetid pain poor circulation and like bit life take I take vitamin b6 b12 and magnesium it's helped with energy levels immune system mood and almonds this is about preparing food so he's about its is asking do you need to use an aid or appliance to prepare or cook a simple meal the options are yes no or sometimes do I need to well no because I can't use any sis be a silly question cuz I need I need an option which is I can't use any because there aren't any like news and so I've take to know and then just put I can't next to it and then it's got do you need help from another person to prepare home-cooked cousin to a meal and I be yes okay it's detailing how why I can't prepare food and why I can't make a meal like up I can't chop cut peels bread lift pans are cotton put things in the oven I can't put things into my train I will take them out I can't make a sandwich so it's just detailed ways they find things and hopefully that understands I obviously in my partner or my PA currently do where's the next one is about eating and drinking which is similar to the previous question but it's more about actually eating the food rather than preparing it so do I need to use plate or appliance yes no more sometimes I put sometimes because without a news specific aids I use certain cutlery which I know that I can so for instance I was er cautery I'm I can use cuz I bought is I know I'd music and here we go in the same with Tommy's parents their cutlery is quite heavy and quite having the handle is quite kind of round and I find it quite difficult to hold and drop so they've got one or two books in their drawer which be easier for me told I was trying to train use those I can do I use a feeding tube no don't need help now hasn't to eat but yes and also I can hold book I was being myself with my hands like this although it's quite a key in my shoulders I need somebody to cut up my own food I sometimes need somebody to help me scoop foods like yogurt or something and will hold the bowl or plate still sometimes they would like a film to a home filled sandwich or a film roll I can't pick it up from the plate so I need some meat to pick it up and put it in my hands or I also hold my hand like that and they'll paste it onto my hand so I can like balance it like it like a magic trick and if I move quickly it comes off it's not so much fun then expression is about managing treatments so I've put sometimes about like do need to use an aid on clients I have got a pill box I don't use every often because I need somebody to put the pills in other thing for me it's kind of a bit pointless and I'll just get them to stick out back and give it straight to me and and I can't have any like pill boxes like on the side ready for me to use because there's three young children in the house I don't want them getting a hold of any drugs or medicines it's up but yes I do need somebody to help me and supposed needing somebody to get my tablets out for me watching and bathing again it's one of those things or it's like do I need to use and he's or appliance to wash and bathe myself I've put no because I can't I can't get myself onto a shower seat to a shower a chair or like.

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