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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Who 8850 Form Discharged

Instructions and Help about Who 8850 Form Discharged

Hey what's up everyone its Brandon Weaver here and you want to get rid of your student loans yes your student loans are keeping you from venturing off start in that business you want right because you got a state your job and pay those bills that student loan payment every month right well now you can get rid of but first let me tell you about my story I was 17 years old I listen US Army Reserve and I went to college and while in the reserves I was working part time going to college full time now I had some medical setbacks okay I had a couple of knee surgeries a hip surgery don't make any excuses for what happened to me but I pulled out student loans during that period of time to bridge that gap until I could find a job I finally found a job it was during the period of time when I was you know recovering from a hip surgery and I was limping around serving tables and going through that made me think and realize that I pulled out this money and now I'm paying back this loan I'm struggling during a period with it you know it's struggling time it's a hard time when you're young you took out those loans in hopes of doing better but now you're struggling you need to get rid of those well I thought I had student loan repayment with the United States Army Reserve and long story short I found out I didn't I didn't have that student loan repayment you know 17 years old my parents will be watching out for me recruiters supposed to watch out for me these adults weren't watching out for me just like when you went to college right someone supposed to be watching out for you those people that signed you up for those student loans they didn't say hold on now do you know student loans are not dischargeable in bankruptcy are you aware that did they tell you that you could get scholarships grant money that was free that you didn't have to pay back in a minute and have interest on they didn't sit you down and do the due diligence and the counseling that you need you were 18 19 20 when you were young when you were not sure how you were going to pay for your education that's what happened to me I know the same feeling and I don't want you to have to go through with that okay so this is the secret this is what I have for you today okay here it is it's a letter all right like we do if you've used my credit repair system there's an attorney letter and what this letter is it's an exercise in equity it is for use just about any type of financial obligation issued by a licensed financial institution ie your student loan lenders all right you're with me so far now you put your data you can put your address on it and then you're going to put your student loan account number on there BAM so you got it all nice and legally set up to whom it may concern I would like to make arrangements to settle the above reference matter your student loan please provide me with your statement of the amount owing as of you pick a date as of October 1st 2022 together with your assurance that you will accept payment in direct and immediate exchange for the original instrument of indebtedness in its original form original instrument of indebtedness in its original form not some copy not some statement of charges not some disbursement dates that you took out loans the original instrument of indebtedness in its original form and if they do not have that if they don't have this promissory note this magical fairy dust that they don't keep you are not liable for that debt and these letters are going to help you clean it up okay please I implore you 40 million people have student loan debt 70% of students walking away from private and nonprofit Institute in stitute or the people public institutions are leaving with student loan debt and it is a burden and it is crippling people's dreams hopes jobs pursuits time please grab this ebook now grab it now I'm telling you this cost me hundreds of dollars to get this information and I want this to help you alright so thank you so much grab the e-book I will send it to you within 24 hours Thanks.

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