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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Who 8850 Form Recipient

Instructions and Help about Who 8850 Form Recipient

Music Wyson associates presents correcting form 1099 the federal income tax is perfectly legal within the limited territorial jurisdiction of the national government washington DC and its US territories that's not the case when considering the constitutional republic the reason that the federal income tax is limited in its jurisdiction and not within the constitutional republic the fifty states of the union is due to the US Supreme Court decision in 1895 in the Polish formers loan and Trust case the federal income tax is a direct tax and such attacks can only be applied toward American nationals as we define this non statutory term by inclusion of the rule of apportionment otherwise with the disregard for that requirement under article 1 section 2 & 9 of the Constitution the Supreme Court declared it would be unconstitutional this was affirmed by President Taft in his letter to the US Congress regarding the legislative intent of the sixteenth amendment the sixteenth amendment created by the US Congress excluded any inclusion of the rule of apportionment requirement and thus it's not applicable within the now 50 states of the Union for reason of it being unconstitutional the federal income tax was only levied upon the national government and there are seven sub classifications of US taxpayers to which it only applies none of which of the American nationals born living and working in the private sector in the constitutional republic millions of Americans receive IRS form 1099 every year from their private sector employer or others these form 1099 are actually tax classified information returns found under gift and estate taxes in the IRS 60 209 manual there is no requirement stated on form 1099 for the actual creator to identify himself the 1099 s are sent to the IRS by the anonymous individual who created it additionally there is no requirement for any statement on the form 1099 9 that the creator is individually acting under penalties of perjury in order to prevent false claims of liability for fraud or lying to the government for 1099 in the eyes of the IRS is used to make the presumption from the unknown creator to conclude that the report was prepared by one who knows for a fact that the name of the party typed on the form 1099 is a US taxpayer obviously the form 1099 is gladly accepted by the Internal Revenue Service as reported income of a US taxpayer with no substance behind it the other types of tax class 5 information returns include the form w2 and Form w-4 there is nothing substantiating that the party is actually one of the seven variants of those who are US taxpayers what many American nationals gloss over is that they can correct the information reported on those forms and anonymously send in the corrected version to the IRS in short you can zero out the figures if that income is not taxable to the national government after all the form 1099 is merely an information return that claims no validity as to any oath or penalty of perjury warning it's just a piece of paper that's generic and created with no direct liability on the part of the creator or the one who corrects the presumption made on that information return in this video you'll see how some American nationals choose to use a blank fillable form 1099 in order to change false information that was previously reported to the IRS in order to correct the mistakes which allow the IRS to draw the wrong conclusion from the initial version sent to them just as anonymously this is a perfectly lawful procedure for you keep in mind that no specific person signed the original 1099 nor did they affirm its accuracy with the signature or sign under penalty of perjury any corrected version can be filed the same way and it's simple to do download a fillable form 1099 from any source online then by using the document you receive from your employer or client as a template simply re-type the information into the new file and change any information that isn't correct if you have no taxable income from that source you can change the number to zero don't forget to check the box at the top that says corrected please double check the new form for accuracy before printing it out in our Resource Center we have a PDF document labeled where to mail your corrected form 1099 s to acquire the mailing address of the proper IRS service center which is determined by your state of residence these corrected form 1099 must be mailed before April 15th to cover the proper tax you've just completed the IRS should change the figures in their database if you've received multiple 1099 s you'd be wise to mail each one in a separate envelope and keep a copy of each for your records that's it what this video is not is a tutorial on how to evade taxes that you're truly liable for this is a process that can be used after one has permanently left the US tax club via our revocation of election process we invite you to view our video on the revocation of election process which removes you from the US tax club for the current tax year plus all future years a link to that video can be found below in the show notes please also visit our website WAIS Paris comm if you found this video informative please give it a like and subscribe to our YouTube channel for further updates thanks for watching.

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