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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Who 8850 Form Rehabilitation

Instructions and Help about Who 8850 Form Rehabilitation

Bob and Brad the two most famous physical therapist on the Internet hi I'm Bob Shrum physical therapist red Hynek physical therapy we have the most famous physical therapist on the internet in our opinion of course Bob Brad we've done a video on this before but we're going to do kind of a comprehensive one this is on tennis elbow and these are the absolute best treatment stretches and exercises you can do in our episode and you've had tennis elbow on both arms so you you're you're a good sub a it's a very painful when it's in in it's you know it's very it's painful and it limits you a lot people I think they're shocked how much it hurts and the thing about this is is you look perfectly healthy it looks perfectly fine and you can just do the smallest little motion like opening a door and it just will bite and it lets you know right now III yeah so alright so what first thing is you know normally what it involves it is the muscle going into the tendon and attaching to the bone here nine times out of ten that's what it is yeah and you're going to interrelate generally a lot of times it's going to hurt when you when you squeeze your hand or bring your wrist up or deviate a little bit this way that's the indicator because it'll hurt down there those muscles go all the way down the forearm salt right I know one thing I do when I have a patient I'll palpate or feel on that bone and usually where that bone is that connect yeah very tender spot in there yeah all right so you're going to start off with ice massage I mean and maybe this is something you've done already Brad you watch Brad that's done yep you can just take direct ice fill a cup up it can be styrofoam or paper Bob likes to start from I like paper ones better but it doesn't matter fill it about this high put it in the freezer so it doesn't tip over freeze it solid and then peel away the top so you have some ice exposed you can rub the ice to get the sharp edges off and go right over that area I usually rub for five minutes the first one or two minutes it kind of burns and is little uncomfortable but then it goes numb skin turns red and in five minutes and I think you even do a little less than that don't you by you I I mean if you're really busy you can probably do it in two three minutes it's going to help it's going to help the second thing that you may want to go ahead and invest in a race a tennis elbow brace yeah I like the one by air cast here just me personally Brad up it's worked well with patience it's nice these they have a bladder on a little air bubble thing there and you usually put that over the sore area and on the muscle belly just in front of it stuff right there was a sore spot we're going to go right in front of it and you'll know because when you're on it and you tighten this nut on the sore area just a little bit off of it more towards the hand exactly I thought I said that it was a little confusing I know I didn't say it very well did I but what you're trying to do is take you know the muscle the stress of the muscle now is is a little bit more right here instead of where it attaches right kind of spreads it out did you use a brace pad or not yeah I use one and one thing I found within other people have some patience so mine is to get it in the right spot sometimes when you're working if you're working that physical type job and you bend it it will get in the crux of your elbow and it's uncomfortable so then it would kind of bother you it all depends on your situation but they are helpful it was anyway it doesn't take away the problem but it it seems to hell at least you can work with it as long as your elbows not real flexed a lot okay first treatment you may want to do just just a bob just wait right oh yeah by the way before we go any further we want to make sure a lot of people are new to our Channel want to make sure if you have a minute just go ahead all right if you have a second please hit the subscribe button we upload videos every day and they're all onward things like this that can be helpful to you and help you stay pain-free he'll fit healthy etc etc and we appreciate it so let's go on alright moving on this is a this is a very low level exercise but just to start putting a little bit of stress on the area without making it worse so all you going to do is every you know throughout the day you can do this every hour in fact it's all you're going to do is lift your make a fist and squeeze you're going to feel a little bit of pain but that's okay squeeze you don't want to go to the sharp pain but a little bit you do this ten times like I said four to five times a day and you notice he's got his wrist up we call that extended that's the extended position of the wrist and that's where you want it not like this all right now this next one is one that we found a lot of people have had a lot of help.

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