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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Who 8850 Form Relating

Instructions and Help about Who 8850 Form Relating

Have been has been inhabiting these forms caused a lot of confusion for many people well in this video I will clear up that confusion I'm going to teach you the three main uses of these forms and how to use them correctly without making mistakes as always there is a quiz at the end of the video to test your understanding alright let's get started Music before we talk about the uses you need to know the basics of where to use have has unhappy in the present if the subject of a sentence is i you we they or a plural noun then we use have me if the subject is he she it or a singular noun then we use has been this is when we talk about the present when we talk only about the past it's very easy for any subject we use had be okay let me test you what do we use with he/she/it or a singular noun in the present we use has been what about with i you we they or plural nouns we use have been and in the past tense we use had been for all subjects good so let's now talk about the first use of these forms this is in the present perfect tense that is to talk about actions or situations that started in the past and are still continuing here's an example i have been working as a teacher for seven years in speech we usually shorten i have to i i've been working as a teacher for seven years let's look at a timeline for this you know that i started working as a teacher seven years ago or in 2024 because at the time of filming this video right now it's 2024 and...