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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Who 8850 Form Submission

Instructions and Help about Who 8850 Form Submission

Today let us look at passing information through the form using post method this is the preferred way of passing information through the form if it involves sensitive data because the data isn't shown in the address bar of the browser so I have created a folder called a a post form inside www folder of my vamp territory post form dot PHP I'll write a simple head stay ml form here let me take only two input fields this is important method is post I will take name input field type is its text text field we should give unique name to all these input fields I will call it user you can call it by any name BR for line break I'll take next field this company type is text as well name co MP now the submit button input type is submit let me give it a value the text which will be shown on the submit button it is submit info that's it let's see how it looks on the browser locate the file local host a a post form inside that we have post form dot PHP so this is the design of the form the names user and calm of name and company input field should be passed on to a file these fields have unique names called user and comp this should be passed to a file called post.php which we are about to write save the file as post dot PHP now the information pass it through the HTML form will be will be passed on to this file post dot PHP since we are using post method there we need to take dollar underscore post here since we are using so it should we should use the exact names here the exact name present in the form for each input field the second input field have name is calm within single quotes so we can use this or we can assign the value to another variable I will call it dollar name is equal to and dollar company is equal to this whatever information has been passed through the HTML form is now stored in dollar name and dollar company now we can use this these values stored in these variables for our purpose in this example to keep it simple and just echoing it to the browser we can include the HTML tags inside here so BR is line break and I'm the CEO of the company dollar comp we can use those flower brackets or we can leave it refresh my name is Satish company's techno tip our company name by the way submit info the information has been submitted to post dot PHP file and the output is shown here my name is Satish BR works here so the next it comes to the next line see the address bar own show the information being passed whereas in get method the information will be shown as a proof if we use this URL somewhere else you won't get those information being passed by the HTML form you need to go to this HTML form and then input there is no other way whereas in get method we can directly pass the parameters to the address bar in the address bar and get these information there are various advantages associated with post methods that is there is no restriction of data size to be sent we can send ascii as well as binary data and post method uses HTTP protocol so HTTP protocol is by far the secure method of transferring the data this is the HTML form this is simple post dot PHP we shall echo it optionally you can send it to the database as well this is the simple example for post method please click on like button and share it with your friends thanks for watching.

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