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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Who 8850 Form Targeted

Instructions and Help about Who 8850 Form Targeted

What's up guys jeff cavaliere athleanx.com let's face it if you want to get bigger biceps then you're gonna have to curl because you've been thinking about our bicep exercise options pretty much every single one of them involve some sort of a curl we're going to learn to flex our elbows supine and our wrists and maybe even bring our elbow up in front of us with some shoulder flexion now that being said it doesn't mean that you're getting everything you can't have the curls you're doing now I'm gonna show you five ways today that you can improve your curls right away to start getting a lot more out of your exercises make that all boring curl a lot more effective all right let's get started okay the first thing you don't want to do is make sure that when you're doing your dumbbell curls you're not supinating too early you see it makes a big difference even just a fraction of a second where you start to do your super nation when you do your curl if you do this and you've turned and supinate and then curl right turn and supinate and then curl you're missing a large opportunity to get larger biceps because what you want to do is knowing that the five sets will turn the wrist over is actually allow them to do some of that work against gravity if I'm turning as the dumbbells are coming up now I'm actually doing some work if I'm down here in the bottom and I just turn this there's no work at all being done by the biceps none because we're not lifting the weight against gravity so make sure you're not turning and then curling but you're turning and curling at the same time to get a lot more out of this number two while we're on the topic of supination here's the thing you might want to try it we call this a shift grip what we do is what first shift grip is going to move your thumbs all the way up to one side of the dumbbell all the way to the end so that when we look inside the hand here you've got a lot more dumbbell towards this end what that's going to do guys is force your wrist into more pronation right because we've got more weight down this side it wants to do this so in order to activate the biceps more and to work the five cents more you're going to have to overcome more weight to turn your wrist over and supinate it and therefore work the biceps even more so try just using a shift grip on all your dumbbell curls and you'll see that as you get to the top you have to supernate with a little bit more force and therefore activate the biceps even more the third big mistake on the way the bigger biceps is forgetting the most important part of the lift and that is the actual end of the lift see most guys will bring that weight up and then just drop the weight down forgetting all about the eccentric portion if you've heard me talk about the eccentric portion of any lift you know how important it is but here's the best part about an eccentric bicep curl you are given the luxury here to go heavy and go hard and not have to worry about the potential ramifications of that rep if we're doing eccentric s-- for a benchpress that bar can potentially come crushing down on us if we don't have good eccentric control if we're doing a squat that bar can become can come crashing down house if we don't have good eccentric muscle control one of the ramifications here if we go to eccentric failure on a bicep curl nothing the weights will fall down in our size here so that gives you free license to make sure that you can load up on the eccentric here and really control on the way down for every single rep don't cheat it nut up and do this push yourself hard here I guarantee it's gonna be one of the most effective ways for you to bump up the growth you see from just a standard bicep curl in your bicep workouts breaking out the athlean blox here to illustrate our next point and that is you don't always want to perform your dumbbell curls in the same manner all the time because a lot of times that way is the easy way you've probably seen an alternating dumbbell curl and performed an alternating dumbbell curl and then done them at the same time we know just from the look on my face that doing them together is a lot harder than doing them one at a time why is that the weight might be the same that your bicep is lifting but you're never an isolated bicep when you're an athlete when you're training like an athlete you're a complete unit starting from the ground up and when I move this dumbbell up I have to be able to stabilize from the bottom up and through my core 50 pounds of weight moving forward now if I do them together I have to be able to stabilize a hundred pounds of weight moving at the same time in front of me so there's a lot more demand on my core and how my lower body to be able to do that so what are you supposed to do if your biceps are a weak point maybe the challenge on your lower body in court isn't absolutely necessary at this point so you might want to focus on doing the alternate version sort of allows you to really focus on contracting the muscle you're trying to work and develop however and the long run if you can get your biceps strong and bigger.

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