Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Who 8850 Form Totaling

Instructions and Help about Who 8850 Form Totaling

If you've ever used Google Forms you've probably realized what a powerful way it is for capturing data from friends family and colleagues to make the most of that data you need to know how to best utilize it once it's imported into sheets and that's one of the issues that we're going to look at today here's one example of what we can do with Google Forms we could create a time sheet where employees can enter their hours into a form and then have that data automatically imported into sheets while this is very helpful time saving and paper saving compared to traditional time sheets it does present a problem primarily this comes when we try to apply a formula in order to work with our data for example say we wanted to tally up all the hours that someone worked in a week well here's the problem if someone new goes and logs their time in the timesheet and submits it we will see that our existing sum formula that has provided totals for our previous entries did not apply to the new data that just got submitted via the form this is because when a form is submitted a row is inserted into the spreadsheet meaning that any formula from above it are not carried through however there is a way to work around this first we're going to set up a second spreadsheet called totals now we are going to use the query function which will pull the data from our original spreadsheet into this new sheet so type equals query and then go back to our original time tracking spreadsheet and highlight the rows that track the time of our staff members when we go to our new sheet we can see the complete formula and when we hit enter we will see our data populate so on the surface this looks just like our other spreadsheet I'm going to use the sum function in our totals column to add up the hours worked throughout the week and copy the formula throughout the column so this still looks a lot like our original sheet and you might wonder if we've actually helped ourselves well let's go back to forms and submit a new timesheet now when we go to our new spreadsheet the use of the query function means that a row hasn't been inserted instead the data has just been populated into the following cells this means that the formula in the totals column hasn't been overwritten with blank cells and so it automatically calculates the our totals for our timesheets there are a lot of other ways to apply this basic idea by combining the query function with the data you import from Google Forms so I hope you found this tutorial helpful if you have any questions please let us know thanks so much for watching

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