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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Who 8850 Form Urban

Instructions and Help about Who 8850 Form Urban

Music. - I just love these maps. - I showed these to you at the end last time. - This is an English map showing Georgia. - It goes all the way to Mississippi. - They had no idea what was out there. - In fact, this is the Chattahoochee and we know now the Chattahoochee cuts through Atlanta at an angle like this. - This is the Spanish map which shows Florida is real big, the Caribbean is big, the Spanish colonial parts are big, and then Lake Erie is, well, there's a lake in here called "grand" which doesn't exist anywhere that I'm aware of. - Lake Erie is somewhere just above Highlands, North Carolina. - It looks like, you know, or Chattanooga they've collapsed the distance. - Which tells you something about this area, which will be the subject of part of the lecture today. - Okay, so Georgia is the last of these English colonies, and in its initial projection it was very different from the others. - First, the crown was more interested in this colony than in the others because of the Spanish presence in Florida. - What they wanted was a military outpost that could defend the economically important port of Charleston and these plantations that are on these long navigable rivers going up through the Carolinas. - So, there was a military presence in Georgia that was not present in other parts of the Tidewater South. - Now, because it was the last, there had been a lot of competition among a variety of people to create this colony here. - And one of the proposals was from a guy named Sir Robert Montgomery, a nobleman who wanted to create, in 1717, a treatise called the Margrave of Azealia, hoping that he...