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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Why 8850 Form Calculator

Instructions and Help about Why 8850 Form Calculator

All right this is a video on the difference between under mode you have the normal science and engineering in your calculator and all the difference is and that is the notation of your solution so in normal let's say I've got twelve point four five six seven eight nine and I hit enter it's gonna pull up twelve point four five six seven eight nine but now if I switch the mode to scientific that means it's gonna give me scientific notation and so I quit out of that now I hit enter and you see now it comes in one point two four five six seven eight nine times ten to the one power where the e is the e just means times ten and then the one is what it's raised to and then if I choose the engineering mode it's gonna give me two digits to the left of the decimal you see for scientific notation we have one digit to the left but an engineering we're gonna have two so it should be twelve point four yep twelve point four and then so that tells us that it's times 10 to the zero which means ten are out so or one 10 to the zero is one so um you know we don't need anything but if we had a larger number like 1 2 4 or 5 6 and hit enter on it then it's going to give me 123 times 10 to the third power and so that's just the difference between the normal notation scientific notation and the engineering notation.