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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Why 8850 Form Circular

Instructions and Help about Why 8850 Form Circular

Hello Anton say ladies and gentlemen oke first and foremost I would like to acknowledge the Blackfoot people the Blackfoot Confederacy Calgary is known as the treaty seventh territory and I would like to acknowledge the ancestors of the Blackfoot people for which we walk with the utmost respect on their traditional lands I'm here today to share with you on how to live your life in a circle simply by just living in a circle we can relate to the greatest circle of all time as human beings and it's simply just called time now time has a continuous flow it goes around and around and like a river it continuously flows like a tree it continuously grows and each and every one of us through the processes and phases of Mother Earth we experience that time and we grow and that brings us to the wheel of energy and ever since the beginning of time our ancestors have been fascinated by the invention and the creation of the wheel and even to this day it is still very important and our technology our energy our way of life and the smallest form of energy is in a circle so we must always keep that circle strong now the hoop dance has taught me how to live my life in a circle literally by dancing in circles for the past 22 years as a hoop dancer it has brought me full circle in my own life from being somebody who knew nothing about dancing and hoops to becoming a three-time world champion hoop dancer now the hoop dance has saved my life because when I was 13 I ended up in jail and I ended up in a bad path in my life and when I was introduced to the hoop dance and my Creek culture and our traditions it changed me and it made me it brought me closer to the circle and it brought me closer to believing in myself so I guess it's safe to say that I'm the real Lord of the Rings now I'd like to share with you these sacred circle teachings that we have with the hoop dance it teaches us that the circle has no beginning and no end and ever since the beginning of time our ancestors are practiced these ways it has never been written but has always been told through our oral traditions that the hoop dance is one of the oldest dances of North America and in this dance we honor the sacred circle in many different ways in our ceremonies and the original hoop dance ceremony it was a dance performed not for an audience not for how it is today but it was done as a ceremony in prayer to help restore balance and harmony in the world so in the hoop dance we always honor those four sacred directions of Mother Earth we honor the four types of life on the mother earth and originally that ceremony it's still very much part of the performance that you're about to see today and what I've come to know and my lifetime as a hoop dancer is what goes around comes around always in a circle some call that the boomerang effect what comes around what do you put out into the universe always comes back to you so if you want to put out positive energy into the universe it'll always come back to you in that way and that positive light so that's what I've come to know is a hoop dancer as well it's taught me about balance what we do on the left side we have to do on the right side of our body and we have to create that momentum and low and that's another thing that hoop dance has taught us is that we must go with the flow of nature because once we go against the flow then we disrupt that energy and it stops and there's no more flow so that's what hoop dancing has taught me over the years we must have that flow to keep going now in your personal life and your professional life we have to have that balance too some of us work too much some of us are workaholics and we don't have a personal life well that can cause us to be stressed and unbalanced and unhealthy and then some of us know people that don't work enough that have too much free time and can't support themselves so there's an unhealthy balance there too so that's what the hoop dance teaches us creating those healthy ripples that healthy balance within the sacred circle in the hoop it teaches us to create those healthy circles around us but first we must be healthy first and then we create those healthy circles right around us so we help people we help people in our culture we call that our elders trained us from a young age and that's called being a WA scoffs in the curry language that basically just means the helper and the role of the Lascaux POS is to help out with the sundance lodge or the sweat lodge or the feast or the ceremonies or everything that is part of our culture and it's very highly respected role to play as it was Scorpius and that's what I am I'm one with Scorpius as well so when I go back home I help out I help out with our ceremonies I help out with our elders and I'm always willing to help somebody who is willing to help themselves and that is the role of the with Scofield's not only just being a hoop dancer but it's all part of our Medicine Wheel our culture and in the Medicine Wheel we have the four sides the four parts of the Medicine Wheel to represent for those four sacred directions of Mother Earth and in the Medicine.

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