Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Why 8850 Form Counties

Instructions and Help about Why 8850 Form Counties

Filming in the shirts off this is you guys have any questions about anything or anything we can help y'all with you guys working on a project or something no doc twist at all to try to help you out if you have any questions you're free to film whatever you want it film it doesn't matter at all your excuse any questions or anything no all right won't you guys have a good day Applause Applause Applause Applause yeah I talking these guys at all even though their knife yeah it's hard not to a little bit besides gonna be friendly but you know but yeah absolutely right it's very effective I guess do today you guys have any identification Applause we're being detained okay I'll have any identification I've been detained or free to go do you have any idea - I've been detained are we free to go right now I would like to see some identification I would I deny that request um I would being detained are we free to go what are you doing under a problem are we being detained are we free to go I would like to see some identification scripts are we being detained right now yes for what crime not a crime okay for what the reasonable suspicion that's not reintroducing some unreasonable something I'm having contact with you no crime just suspicious activity suspicious activity what's what crime has a Miss Mara phony what is it a misdemeanor or a felony of course this activity right now all right so do you have any identification are you do you have any idea of kitchen do you have an idea and it jellification Oh you have no identification I'm Savannah please a badge number please you'll be in the report name and badge number sir is there your policy to identify yourself to the public when asked sir is that your policy to identify are you refusing to identify Senate 3 3 to an Oakland County Sheriff's vehicle refused to identify can you please pryour name and badge number you have it on camera CPO badge number please 2 2 5 5 is that what you say to the judge if they ask you that soon your business none of my business who pays for this property what are you talking about your property suspicious activity on our property and I'm just trying to figure out what's going on what are you guys doing here it's on a need-to-know basis you are need to know ok so you're looking for this type of interaction there's no basis I need to know so what you're basically in my understanding without any communication from you guys is you're trying to draw us out for this type of interaction being detained are we free to go you're free to go I said it and means we're free to stay to Applause.