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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Why 8850 Form Disability

Instructions and Help about Why 8850 Form Disability

Music hi there this is Jonathan Ginsberg I'm a social security disability attorney and today I'd like to talk to you about a mistake I see when I look at people's disability forms and that is not knowing what you have to prove in order to win disability realize that Social Security defines disability in terms of your capacity to perform a regular full-time type of job and it's any job it's not just your past work it's anything at all so literally that means could you perform a job reliably eight hours a day five days a week putting ink pens in a box wrapping things up inspecting textiles being a cashier or a ticket taker at a movie theater something really simple easy brainless you simply have to be there to do the job so one of the things I run into is people saying well I can't do my past work that's all I ever knew I'm a truck driver that's the only thing I know so I'm disabled because that can't be a truck driver anymore no even if you're a truck driver there are unskilled jobs out there again the packing jobs the ticket taking jobs surveillance system monitor that even if you've never done it before by law if it's unskilled you can walking off the street and do it and you're not disabled if you can do one of those simple entry-level warm body type of jobs so you've got to realize what we have to prove and that is you cannot do anything at all the second thing is that it doesn't matter that there are no jobs in your neighborhood or that you don't have transportation to a job it's if a job was available could you do it this is about your capacity to perform a job but it doesn't mean Social Security's got to get you one of those jobs or that one of those jobs is on the bus line or that you would even want to do it that you could make enough money supporting yourself that's not the issue the issue is performance could you do some one of those type of simple entry level type of jobs so that's basically what you have to do and I think the third thing that I think I see a mistake in people making hearings as well is they feel like well why do I have to prove anything I paid money into the system why does Social Security put me through all these changes why do I have to do all this stuff to prove I'm disabled I know I'm disabled one what they take my word for it well the way the law works is we have to prove you're disabled the burden of proof is on us not on Social Security to prove that you are not disabled so we have to prove it and if you go into a disability the forms or a hearing with the attitude that I'm disabled pay me you're probably going to lose they pick up on that judges pick up on and adjudicators pick up on that don't have an attitude of an attitude of entitlement going with the idea that if I could possibly work I would I would do even a simple entry-level job that doesn't pay anything just so I could work but I cannot do even something like that because of the severity of my medical condition that need to take unscheduled breaks medication side effects my symptoms whatever other issues arise but we need to know we have to prove and that is that you could not do anything at all even the most simple entry level type of jobs so knowing what you have to prove is really important to proving it obviously so that's what I would tell you that's a mistake to avoid hope you found this helpful and if you did I would appreciate if you would give this a thumbs up on YouTube or like on Facebook subscribe to our channels like our Facebook page and please let me know if I can answer any questions for you about disability or about the Social Security process this is Jonathan Ginsberg wishing you the best thanks a lot hi this is Jonathan Ginsberg and I hope you found this video helpful if you'd like to know more about how to win your Social Security disability case I'd like to invite you to download my secrets to getting approved early survival kit but I created just for people like you currently I'm making the survival kit available at no cost and I encourage you to grab your copy some of the topics I cover include how do I know if I have a case is it the right time for me to file my claim 9 common mistakes that can doom your case the three must have arguments you use to win your case and a topic that every disability claim that wants to know how to avoid trick questions from the judge if you are a loved one you need to win Social Security disability benefits you'll find the survival kit essential reading download your survival kit right now and at no cost just visit SSD answers.com backslash survival and sign up it's that easy please act now and as always I wish you the best Music Music you.

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