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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Why 8850 Form Dol

Instructions and Help about Why 8850 Form Dol

Good afternoon hope you're all doing really well I am preparing for Gen Con I will be there next week Wednesday through Sunday so I'm looking forward to seeing and meeting many of you keep sending in your requests for games for me to purchase down there I'll also be alive streaming the whole time so keep an eye out for that now last December almost a year ago I was banned by was as of the coast for life with no opportunity of appeal but the smaller story perhaps the most important more important story was Pro Magic the Gathering player Travis Wu was also banned for one year his situation was far worse because he was a pro player that means they took away something like $35,000 $36,000 some amount of pay because he had reached a certain level of silver Pro or platinum Pro or whatever some want to pay some amount of travel expenses and stipends why was he banned he created a Facebook group two of them really one called magic for good one called magic for bad the magic for good one was literally that just duck taxon whatever magic for bad was shitposting he rarely took part in these actual Facebook groups was just the creator I was never saw him in there that however did not stop the outraged mob led by Emma whatever her stupid name is from Star City games and people like Athena wife of pro player Brad no Eric frolic don't really care Pro Magic player don't care she works for Wizards of the coast and is also a magic player magic streamer this week earlier this week she herself started a subreddit specifically for by her words shitposts openly demanding shitposts please submit your highest quality posts there is no way this could probably end poorly she is a content creator for Magic the Gathering and she works in production graphic design on the vintage super league a show hosted on the Magic the Gathering official YouTube channel now I'm not saying elantris is taking part in any racist or sexist memes but at this point right now she has done exactly the same thing that got Pro Tour fan favorite Travis woo the only person I care to watch as a professional magic player banned fired from his job is sent remember that like he was a paid magic player put paid magic Pro he used his presence on the proton top of that to sell other products he's now farming okay because an outrage mob over a meme group that he created but not take not did not take part in got him banned for a year probably will never return to competitive magic I will be reporting Athena Froelich to Wizards of the coast in their player report guide because I am offended by these memes now imagine it would really be a shame if this magic subreddit filled up with all sorts of horrible keka Stanny flags or other types of unsavory memes I would never do that I don't really use reddit but look I'm offended by this meme they're making fun of the professor I'm very nervous I'm I'm what the word for it triggered I'm concerned about this subreddit which by a Magic the Gathering employees own admission is for high quality posts and MTG memes the exact same thing that Travis wounded so I would expect Wizards of the coast to issue and swift one-year ban to this Wizards of the coast employee if they want to remain fair you can see her replies no sarcasm here didn't Travis who gets suspended for the exact same thing no there's a difference between image macros and targeted harassment / racist comments definitely don't put those in the subreddit and again Travis woo didn't make any of those other people in the Facebook group hosted some edgy mean and he edgy memes shout-out to my boys magic for bad magic for worst appreciate you appreciate your mammalogy last time someone did that he got banned for a year Daniel Forney is requesting kekaa Stan flags but remember Travis Wu did not take part in that Facebook group hardly ever he only created it and that was good enough for Wizards of the coast to ban him essentially fire him from his job with no notice remember I would love to see what Wizards of the coast says about that because this is pretty sad look at that woo she started something here gender-fluid fake word that's pretty triggering look I don't like the policy either way I don't want to see Athena Froelich banned for offending people with her memes I don't want that but what I do want is fair enforcement if you're going to have an absurd policy make no mistake about it this Facebooker are this reddit thread is a potential honeypot Wizards of the coast has already spent time digging through people's personal Facebook accounts and banned them for up to three months for a single Facebook post inside that magic for bad Facebook just for participating in it so basically everybody in this Facebook group should also receive bans I would say three months three months is fair for them because that's what happened to everyone in magic for bad now it's always of course okay when they do it right it's okay when they do it but you know it would appear I mean this is some really triggering stuff look what they've done to mark rosewater here this is some very concerning things that I mean and I just I'm sure after I do this video I'm you know I can only imagine what Athena Froelich will be directly responsible for because that's what Wizards of the coast did to Travis woo now I would hope that if you agree with me you'll consider letting Wizards know you'd expect a one-year ban in.

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