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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Why 8850 Form Download

Instructions and Help about Why 8850 Form Download

Get it set and underneath we're gonna find all of the screws that hold that bottom cover on which is gonna be there's three screws here on the front side and then there's another three screws underneath these two rubber feet so the first thing we're going to do is we're just going to remove you can use your nail or like a credit card and then after you remove those feet you're gonna find those three hidden screws you just remove those screws okay and then after those three screws underneath the feet are the three front screws which are silver and what I do is I kind of just group them together and like a little pile now once you get all those screws out the next thing you're gonna do is either get a credit card or a pry tool I'm using a credit card because this is something that everybody has available almost everybody and then what I do is I start in the corner and kind of get this corner out and get the credit card underneath there and this is this is where you have to be careful like where these hinges are and where these cutouts are because if you keep on prying here you will break this plastic cover here so what I do is I kind of pry it in between right there look and you can see it came right out and here's what the important part as you continue to move the credit card down the seam you have to pry with your finger just a little bit you got to put a little bit of outward pressure so the clips come off in one piece you can't just slide the credit card you have to do both at one time have a good look at this there you go there it goes let's flip this over so you get a good luck and this is where you got to be careful like where these headphone jacks are don't stick the credit card in too deep because there are electronic components just on the other side of that scene and also not only can you pull out a little bit but when you push the credit card in you can give it a little kind of downward and outward pressure just make sure you don't drop it okay oh there it is that's what it looks like inside and here's our hard drive yeah this is a quite a monster of a battery this is the RAM the random access memory cooling fans heatsink the processor is right there right underneath the heatsink and yeah next thing we have to do is just put the back cover on make sure we're missing eclipse okay now the covers snapped in place we're gonna put the screws back and these just all kind of snug do not over-tighten these attach the feet back in place one side tap it line it up the other side mine why is done so hopefully this little video helped you out in case you are like me and you are looking for some type of tutorial or instructions to show you how to open up this PC because this is brand new and I didn't want to mess it up and like start ripping apart the case so I had to take some time and figure it out to show everybody else so yeah don't forget to subscribe if you have any requests for anything that you want to see done or you want to know how to do you know drop us a line and I'll try to accommodate thanks for watching.

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