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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Why 8850 Form Hires

Instructions and Help about Why 8850 Form Hires

Hey ambitious professionals it's Linda Rainer of Linda Raynor comm career strategist and intuitive purpose coach I help driven professionals like you to enhance your personal brand so that you can pursue a career you'll truly enjoy so one of the most common questions that I've been getting recently from clients from people in my my email list who have responded to my recent email thank you is the question of is my age stopping me from landing a job basically they're wanting to know one does ageism actually exist and two if it does how do I deal with it in my search for an amazing job opportunity so here's my take from someone who has been an experienced recruiter in the past who's hired and helped to hire professionals and who now is a career strategist and a lot of my clients are experienced in seasoned professionals I would actually tell you that yes ageism does exist when it comes to hiring individuals but the truth here though there's a caveat to that there's a deeper truth to it in that for you and for anyone else ageism really only exists if you hold it in your belief system that that is the one and only thing that's stopping you from getting a job if you really truly honestly believe that it's just simply your age that's the reason why you're not getting jobs then yes that is your reality but what I can tell you is that it's likely not the case that it's just your age alone that's stopping you from getting the job offer what I'm actually saying is that you need to do a bit of a deeper look into exactly how you're approaching your job search what the way that you're coming across in interviews on your resume and really your mindset when it comes to looking for a job because if you truly feel that the only one barrier that's stopping you from getting it is your age then I can tell you that it's going to be really hard to convince you that there's likely other factors that need to be enhanced and improved on in order to increase your success of getting a job so here are three questions that I want you to ask yourself that will take away your focus from just your age and instead understand if there could be potentially other reasons that are truly stopping you from getting the job that you want and allowing you to portray yourself as the authentic ambitious professional that you are so the first question to ask yourself is is my resume truly top-notch being a seasoned experienced professional you have an advantage and your advantage is your experience your advantage is that you have a wealth of knowledge and experience and set of qualifications that many of the people who you're competing against don't necessarily have but the thing is is if you are overwhelming your resume with all the experiences all the skills and all the qualifications all the things that you've done from the beginning of time till now what that does is it does overwhelm the employer the hiring manager the recruiter whoever it is that's reading your resume and what ends up happening is you probably end up hearing the response of your overqualified more often than you want so what you really need to make sure you do is that make sure that you first of all you have a top-notch resume and when I say top-notch resume part of that there's a whole series of steps in series and strategy that goes into building a top-notch resume but one of the main things is making sure that your resume lines up with the job that you're wanting to apply to so if you're including those responsibilities plus ten other different types of responsibilities for different types of positions that you've done and just jumbling it all together what ends up happening is that it can confuse the employer the hiring manager to think that maybe you're you know you've done more than what this role is really asking for and maybe you'll be bored in this position the truth is your resume isn't the only resume that there see there's always going to be competition that you're going to be up against and what that means is that you need to make sure that your resume stands out in front of the pile on top of the pile that it is selected as one of the first or second candidates that is desired to be interviewed you really have to ask yourself the question when I look at my resume and because you have experience you have probably had to hire people in the past you really have to ask yourself when I look at my resume do I feel overwhelmed or does it feel as though this resume is truly speaking to the type of position that I'm wanting to apply to now the second question that you need to ask yourself is how am i selling myself in interviews are you telling them that you can do it all that you can handle this job that you've done it all before that you've done everything under the Sun and that it's a no brainer that they should hire you is that the impression that you're giving what is the impression that you're giving because the thing is what I've seen with experienced professionals is that because they've seen it all they've done it all when they walk into an interview room they feel as though the job should be theirs that it's a no-brainer that the hiring manager should be hiring them that they don't really have to put in that much effort to try to sell themselves because clearly it's it's a piece of cake they've done it that can be a bit of an issue because the.

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