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Instructions and Help about Why 8850 Form Individuals

Music, he's safer here. I'm sure all of my viewers, no matter what nation you're from, have been keenly aware of what's going on over here in America during this election season. One of the main sticking points for Donald Trump's campaign is his constant talk of building a wall between us and Mexico. Now, there's been no plan to talk about the efficacy of building a wall, mostly about the economics of doing so and the diplomatic fallout of doing such a thing. There is no way that makes you go convey a wall like that, but I think the pundits and the politicians are missing the most important thing in terms of border walls and their effectiveness, and that is the history of whether or not previous border walls have been effective or not. But, of course, that would require research, but that's why I'm here. So, here's a top ten list of border walls throughout time and their effectiveness. As a sidenote, this list is necessarily arbitrary. One has to first define what a wall is. Second, no all walls that have ever been made and third choose a way of excluding walls that aren't for borders. So, this is obviously not definitive, but it is a significant way to show the effectiveness of border walls. Starting us off at number 10, we're going back nearly two thousand years to the third dynasty of earth, one of the many dynasties of the first civilization in history, the Sumerians. But they dealt with the same problems that any other Empire deals with, mainly being able to control wide patches of territory, and the Western tribes of their empire called the Amorites revolted against the emperor named Shu Sin. So he had a wall built from the Tigris to...