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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Why 8850 Form Misc

Instructions and Help about Why 8850 Form Misc

Welcome to today's webinar we're going to go ahead and jump right in and get started so now right off of the bat here we see a number of important laws relative to achieving compliance with federal rules and regulations now before I get into the subject of the law is listed out before you just briefly for those of you have never attended one of my webinars I'm not a slide reader so I try to go in order down the slides and through the bullet point so there is a method to my madness but really the slides are more of an outline for my purposes or for what I see them as being so we'll just keep that in mind and then move forward with that in mind now the code sections you see in front of you of those and those are this is this is the law so when we talk about the hierarchy of what it is you're trying to do in terms of compliance due diligence and reporting this is the foundation of why it is you do or you're being told to do what you have to do essentially and so each of these code sections the Internal Revenue Code sections delineates those responsibilities and then from there we have publications and revenue procedures and treasury determinations and all that fun stuff form instructions that help pradditional information to help you do your job the bottom line is that and this is really important especially this time of year because in a week or so IRS proposed penalty notices are going to start going out now some of you listening in may be dealing with those on a regular basis others this might be the first year you get them but the...